The Synapse is Firing

The Neurocritic has the latest edition of href="">The
.  It's nicely done.  Info
of the next one, and instruction for submission, are at Jake's place, href="">here.

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Primate Diarist Eric has just posted the 35th edition of Encephalon, the neuroscience and psychology blog carnival. My favourite posts this time round are the Neurocritic's examination of the purported discovery of the "neural basis for optimism", and Jake's description of two-photon fluorescence…
Earlier this month, ScienceBloggers Jake Young of Pure Pedantry and Shelley Batts of Retrospectacle got to talking about how, given how many neuro-philes now blog at Sb, it could be fun to start a homegrown neuroscience blog carnival. Jake picked up the ball and ran, organizing most of Sb's other…
Synapse #10 is Halloween-themed and posted at the Neurocritic. Spooky. I love it. The next Synapse is on November 12 to be hosted on Developing Intelligence. Submission info here.
Welcome to the 4th edition of The Synapse, a blog carnival for all things mind and brain held every two weeks. A little shorter than normal this round, due to the fact that there's a grant deadline tomorrow and a lot of regulars are busy busy little monkeys, self included. The neurophilosopher…