DJ Emmo

It is
not often that I write about music.  In fact, it is not
often that I even think about music.  But this little item
caught my eye, if not my ear, if only because it is perplexing to try
to imagine Balkan-Techno fusion:

href="">DJ EMMO


DJ Emmo has a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry and Human Genetics. He is
Research Scientist in a private Biotechnology company in Ann Arbor,
Michigan, involved in discovery of new markers for Cancer Diagnostics ( href="">www.rubicongenomics
com). Music is his hobby. He played bass, drums, and
keyboards when he was in college. Recently he found a new passion in
composing, remixing, and producing digital music. He also DJs for
special ocasions in Ann Arbor and the Greater Detroit Metro Area and is
a guest DJ in Detroit Night Clubs. DJ Emmo specializes in Euro-style
Electronica, Ethnic Fusion based on traditional and modern music from
the Balkans but he also likes to experiment with Hip-Hop, House,
Trance, Techno, Urban, Industrial, Reggaeton , Rock, and Classic.

His Myspace
page is here.  The CNET download page is href="">here.


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