The Curious Case of Balloon Animals!

On the way back from the Mainau island to Lindau island, we were entertained on the ship by a balloon magician. He started out with balloon molecules. Kind of a nifty way to demonstrate why you can write with graphite and not with a diamond.

i-f4d5bb8a0c8de5d5208185cd4fe005fe-Lindau 084.jpg

I am not sure the magician was aware that Dr.Kroto was sitting in the front row when he produced the bucky-ball (for which Kroto got his Nobel) but it worked out great in the end.

i-aaeed3f52f6c5c47eb8566a7677d70de-Lindau 071.jpg

But it got suspicious when the guy switched to making balloon plants and animals. Could it be? Is that a balloon magician or Stuart Pivar disguised as a balloon magician?

i-702ef1efd5cdfd98b34502e14d288a18-Lindau 081.jpg

And then he blew his cover - he made a tentacled balloon animal and placed it on PZ's head. Yup, that must have been him!

i-f8eeb66894ae041e248dbcfb6a555439-Lindau 083.jpg
i-400cac6aad78763d5843be4adf11642a-Lindau 085.jpg

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