Common Census Map Project

This is a neat project; I hope more people participate.
map below shows the USA divided into regions, based upon their
emotional ties to particular areas.  Thus it is not based upon
borders or any other typical geographic boundary.


I had to shrink it to fit, so it is hard to read.
 The original, full size version is href="">here.

The map is the result of a survey being conducted by the href="">CommonCensus
Map Project.  

At this point, they do not consider it to be very accurate.
 That is because of the low number of respondents outside of
major urban areas.  For example, the very large area around
Denver --which extends into Montana -- is not thought to represent how
people in that region really feel.  

To see this effect, you can compare the maps as drawn after increasing
numbers of persons have responded:

| href="">8,000
votes | href="">16,000
votes | href="">24,000

The more people respond, the better the map will be.  

As an added bonus, people can contribute to a map that identifies
affiliation with professional (American) href="">football,
basketball href="">baseball,
and hockey
teams, as well as college (American) href="">football.
 Note the odd cluster of Eastern Michigan University football
fans in, of all places, Montana.


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