Freud Was Wrong

Sigmund Freud was right about a lot of things, but he also was wrong
about a lot of
things.  For example, he thought that there were only two
fundamental motivations: sex and aggression.  Bloggers know
better, as this xkcd panel illustrates...


(I know href="">my
colleague already posted this, but I couldn't resist putting
this twist on it.)


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If it's the internet, it's already sex and aggression.

And, it's YOU!

By Spelling Police (not verified) on 26 Feb 2008 #permalink

No serious person believes anything Freud came up with regarding sexuality. Thoroughly unscientific and disrespectful to the human condition.

More than anything else Freud was a radical idealist. It is undeniable that he was wrong about many psychological principles, yet his claims managed to break a stagnant mindset in the field as a whole. Perhaps his reasoning and scientific method lack legitimacy, but the men and women who have based a lifetime of work to disprove his claims have furthered psychology at a remarkable pace. It is possible to argue that Freud is the father of modern psychology. Freud has impacted all of our lives in a positive manner despite his lack of authentic research.

By Christian (not verified) on 29 Nov 2011 #permalink