In Which I Succumb To the Fisking Bug

The urge to fisk is an omnipresent danger for all bloggers.
 Usually I am strong.  Usually I resist.
 But this essay on World Net Daily got my fisking neurons all
in a twitter.  It's by David Kupelian, and it's a World Net
Daily Exclusive!  (Because no one else would print it.)


Hillary will lead America into hell

Posted: May 02, 2008

As November's election nears, some otherwise
right-thinking conservatives and Christians, unhappy with GOP
presidential candidate John McCain, have concluded America would
actually be better off in the long run with Hillary Clinton or Barack
Obama in the White House for the next four years.

Yes, they have.  And it is their vote to cast.  Maybe
they have learned something in the past seven years.

The damage that will occur to America if Hillary
Clinton or Barack Obama is elected president will go far beyond what we
can rationally anticipate on the policy level.

Don't get me wrong. Policy disasters like socialized medicine
(radically expanding government and reducing freedom), an untimely
retreat from Iraq (betraying our soldiers and the Iraqi people, and
fanning the flames of worldwide jihad for another generation), the
appointment of pro-abortion zealots to the Supreme Court (resulting in
a pro-death high court for the rest of our lives, and no hope of
overturning Roe v. Wade) are appalling enough - and more than ample
reason to choose McCain over either of the Democrats.

First of all, the term "socialized medicine" is meaningless.
 He probably means universal-coverage, single-payer health
care.  This would neither expand government, nor reduce

Withdrawing from Iraq would not be a betrayal to anyone.
 Plus, the supreme court is already pro-death.  Just
look at their recent decision about capital punishment.

Kupelian is making so many straw men, you'd think he lives in Oz.

Quick story here. I happened to be in K-Mart in the
electronics department on March 23, 1983. I remember the date because,
while I was strolling around, killing time by checking out a large
display of TV sets all tuned to the same channel, President Reagan came
on and delivered his historic speech introducing the Strategic Defense
Initiative, or SDI, in which he announced that America was going to
change policy and actually defend itself against nuclear attack.

I was stunned. On that day, I discovered new hope for America. We were
not going to rely forever on Mutual Assured Destruction and the
"balance of terror" doctrine. We would actually protect our beloved
nation from the Soviets or anyone else threatening us with
annihilation. Clouds of cynicism and doubt about my country's future
lifted from my mind, as it did for millions of others.

Many years and many billions of dollars later, all we have done is
wasted money.  We are no safer now.  SDI does not and
will not work.  By the way, it does not matter how many TV
sets there are.  All they broadcast is nonsense, anyway.

What I'm saying is, the president is like the father
of a big family, and who he is and what he is - his spirit - affects
everyone, like the sun. It's a radiant energy that directly shines on
people. Presidents invisibly shape the character and worldview of the
country, with a particularly profound effect upon the young, since they
are the most impressionable.

Poor guy.  Kupelian tried to kiss the Blarney Stone, but his
slipped and bashed his forehead on it.  Now he tries to talk,
and all that comes out is baloney like this (the Blarney-forehead
effect).  It's really a pity.

This radiant effect works in the negative, too. Bill
Clinton's sexual addiction and utter lack of responsibility and
self-control led to the entire world knowing what he was doing with a
young intern in the Oval Office. Whereas Ronald Reagan had such respect
for the Oval Office that he reportedly never entered it without wearing
a coat and tie, Bill Clinton turned it into his private sex club. And
the radiant effect of his monumental selfishness was that he infected
an entire generation of young people, in high school and even middle
school, influencing them to sexually mimic the national trauma of a
president exploiting an intern barely older than his daughter.

It is true that young people engage in oral sex more, these days.
 Perhaps the President had something to do with it, but I
seriously doubt it.  Plus, there is less teenage pregnancy,
and fewer abortions are being performed.  Tell me this is a
bad thing.

So ask yourself: If Hillary Clinton - widely
recognized as a pathologically lying chameleon for whom nothing is
sacred but her own aggrandizement - becomes the "father of our
country," just what sort of "radiant" effect do you suppose she'll have
on America?

President Bush presented himself as a moderate in his first campaign,
and as a tough guy in his second.  Tell me, who's the
chameleon?  He lied about his intentions in Iraq, lied about
torture, lied about weapons of mass destruction.  Tell me,
who's the liar?

For that matter, what about an equally dysfunctional
"President Obama"? What would be the effect on young people of a leader
so deeply and radically anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-military,
pro-homosexual, pro-abortion and pro-socialist - and yet who hides his
true identity behind a shimmering veneer of faith, hope and love?

He just made that up.  None of it is true.  Tell me,
who's the liar now?

Just reflect, for a moment, on the bizarre and
seemingly inexplicable behaviors of young people we see right now -
youths Tasering each other for fun on YouTube. Ubiquitous sexual
debauchery at younger and younger ages. The mainstreaming of
transgenderism. Body piercing and tattooing at an ever-more
pathological level - tongues, lips, eyebrows, deep body parts. Pandemic
gang activity and drug abuse. Witchcraft. Satanism. Suicide. (I take
readers on a guided tour of this bizarre underworld in the "Killer
Culture" chapter of "The Marketing of Evil.")

Thanks for letting us know about your book.  I'm sure you will
sell literally tens of copies.  By the way, if your premise is
true, which is isn't, then these behaviors are due to the effect of the
current President -- a Republican.  

And what is a "deep body part?"  The pancreas?  I've
seen a lot of piercings, but no pancreas rings.  

Of course, nobody would be able to prove any cause
and effect...

No kidding.  You can't prove it, but you want us to believe it

...But remember these words: Elevating a person like
Hillary Clinton to
the presidency of the United States will unleash hell in America in a
way very few of us can even comprehend, let alone remedy.

That would be like Dante Alighieri's Inferno.  I happened to
see Dali's rendition of that, recently, and I have to admit that it was
difficult to comprehend.  But it is not particularly new.


In fact, The Divine Comedy was written between 1308 and 1321.
 Some things never change.  

But some things do.  The fact is, we will have a new President
in 2009.  It will be a gamble.  There will be risks.
 We cannot control that, nor can we avoid it.  We
should either trust the process, or change it.  

If you want to make a real difference, talk to us about voter-verified
paper records of voting, proportional representation, campaign finance
reform, lobbying reform...things like that.  Presidents come
and go.  Some leave behind a big mess.  The key is
not to focus on particular candidates.  Rather, the key is to
look at how the candidates are selected and elected.


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The damage that will occur to America if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is elected president will go far beyond what we can rationally anticipate on the policy level.

So let us proceed to be irrational.


hahaha! we are everywhere! we shall exercise our freedom to make as big of a mess of amerikkka as the mens have done!

No reason to apologize for fisking a piece of stupidity. It's one of the more fun aspects of blogging. I try not to over do it, but a good fisking is a piece of art, a wonder to behold. It's a talent to be nurtured, not to be apologized for, especially given how much stupidity there is out there needing a fisking. True, a blog that was nothing but fisking would rapidly become boring, but there's nothing at all wrong with it every now and then.

I almost pierced my pancreas, reading this. My usual instinct is to ignore right-wing bile, but maybe I shouldn't. Because I think that one way of looking at this ongoing argument in our country, over moral values, is that it's just a continuation of the battle that began with the Enlightenment, and it's probably smart to know what the enemy is thinking and spewing. The battle outside is still raging, and will soon shake our windows and rattle our walls, because the times haven't really changed all that much. It's the entrenched forces of superstition, ignorance, and patriarchal authority in one corner, v. the forces of reason, equality, moderation and tolerance in the other. But I've become an intemperate liberal -- it happened right around the time that W. stole the White House, the first time -- and I just cant tolerate the self-righteous idiocy of these jingo pimps and red-white-and-blue whores. So I typically skip over this stuff. And now my pancreas is bleeding.