NASA Earth Observatory Photo Contest

The NASA Earth Observatory site is holding a photo contest to celebrate
and popularize their 10th anniversary.  It is a contest in which
users vote for their favorite images-of-the-day.  Here's my

style="display: inline;">i-a1648849466a515235c1160501635813-saturn_cas_500px.jpg

This is an image from the href="">Cassini
mission; it's a view of the earth, with the rings of Saturn in the

This beautiful image of Saturn and its rings looks more
like an artist's creation than a real image, but in fact, the image is
a composite (layered image) made from 165 images taken by the
wide-angle camera on the Cassini spacecraft over nearly three hours on
September 15, 2006. Scientists created the color in the image by
digitally compositing ultraviolet, infrared, and clear-filter images
and then adjusting the final image to resemble natural color.

See the other contestants, and vote for your favorite href="">here.

Note: The Boston Globe has a whole series of Saturn photos from the
mission href="">here.

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