FETTS: Got Pics?

From Earth to the Universe was a brilliant outreach project for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, displaying online, and in real life, some of the best astronomical images around.

Now we have the Year of the Solar System coming up, who knew, and more and better images are needed!

From Earth to the Solar System

FETTSS will be an online collection of images that can be freely downloaded and exhibited by organizations worldwide in whatever manner they choose.

In celebration of NASA's Year of the Solar System, the images will showcase the excitement and discoveries of planetary exploration, with a focus on the origin and evolution of the Solar System, and the search for life.

They need images.

Your images, or your favourite images.

Preferably more non-astronomical images, turns out they already have a lot of really good ones for that bit.

Planetary images. Solar system images. Images of life. Astrobiological images.
Got some extremophiles pics? Or neat lab images of goop?
Send them in, or tell NASA about your favourite images, and they will go try get them.

We need more, lots more, send them in!

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