Yeah, We're Calling Obama Socialist

A few days ago, there was a minor ripple in the political world, when a
media person tried to get John McCain to say that Obama is a
socialist.  Even though McCain had hinted at that several times
during the campaign, he would never state directly that Obama is a
socialist.  Well, href=",2933,587772,00.html">he still
won't (as reported by Fox):

goes too far? Is it a socialist agenda from the president?

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, R-ARIZ.: There is no doubt in my mind America's a
right-of-center nation, and this administration is governing from the
left. That's why the president's approval ratings continue to decline.

GREGORY: But my question was, do you think that kind of -- because have
you heard that description before. Not just from J.D. Hayworth, but
others. Does it go too far to say the president's agenda is a socialist

MCCAIN: I think I gave my description. I think they're governing from
the left on a broad variety of issues, but I'll let others speak for
themselves. I have enough time taking care of my own misstatements.

McCain is someone I try to like, although I did not vote for him.

Now, the issue is picking up steam, without McCain on board:

Republicans: Yeah, We're Calling Obama Socialist

by Liz Halloran

March 5, 2010

Revelations that the Republican National Committee urged
fundraisers to shake the money trees by playing on fears about
President Obama and "socialism" have ignited a classic Washington

The document not only contained the strategy-of-fear suggestions and
additional unflattering caricatures of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. It also advised that ego-driven
donors could be curried with access to events and party bigwigs and
cheap giveaways.

A copy of the document was left at the hotel that hosted the retreat,
and a source provided it to Politico...

Gosney, however, described some of the document's contents as in
"poor taste," but she adds: "I'm sure if we went through the Democrats'
trash, we'd be shocked."But Gosney, like Haugland and a number of other
RNC members
contacted for this story, was perfectly comfortable with the document's
suggestion that fundraisers use the concept of socialism as a money
harvesting tool. "You have to identify something and label it so
you can talk
about it," she says, "and 'socialism' is a good scare word."

"I'm so tired of this politically correct crap," Gosney says.
"If it's socialism, let's call it that. If not, let's call it something
[emphasis added]

There is nothing about this kerfuffle that has anything to do with
political correctness.  It is not as though anyone is afraid to
call Obama a socialist, for fear of offending anyone.  And it is
not as though anyone is saying that we should not call Obama a
socialist, because it is not politically correct. 

No, the problem with it is that it is not correct, period.

The fact is, The United States has a mixed economic model.  It's
part capitalist, part socialist, part other things.  It's been
that way for a long time, regardless of which party is in
control.  Some of the most popular programs, such as Social
Security and Medicare, not to mention the Interstate highway system,
are pretty much socialist.  Other programs, such as the stock
market, are pretty much capitalist.  Others, such as K-Street, are
pretty much fascist. 

Calling Obama "socialist" makes as much sense as calling him
"protein."  Yeah, there is protein in Obama, but there is a lot of
other stuff, too.  Mostly water, in fact, just like the rest of

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Yeah he is a socialist. Look at all his marxist allies. He has had lawyers who defended terrorists working for him, communist as his greens jobs czar, Rhambo deadfish the chronic cussword masturbator as his right hand man, and the list goes on. I just call him Dark Vader, Lord of the Underworld, satan's spy and best scout. The man, no doubt is evil. Anyone who associates with the marxist black liberation theology crap is insane. Anyone wh associates with the fascist marxist tyrant George Soros is downright evil.

Dark Vader obeys the commands of his overlord and emperor Soros.

By Confederate Spy (not verified) on 08 Mar 2010 #permalink

I wish he were socialist. I've lived in different parts of the world, as well as in the US. A socialist economic policy, combined with a liberal democratic political structure, seems to provide the most support to individual liberties and basic human rights. Obama is okay, but we could do better. As an aside, isn't it funny how "socialist" has now replaced "communist" as a scare word that the conservatives like to use? Pretty soon we'll have a cold war against "socialism". Then, once we've triumphed in that epic struggle, we'll have to declare war on the next boogie man. Democracy, for example. Or Marilyn Manson.

Sorry, I'm Canadian...

When did being a socialist become a bad thing?

"When did being a socialist become a bad thing?"

Well, a number of years ago there was this charismatic young man who used fiery speeches to gain and then maintain his power. The youth of that day often sang praises about him. He was a member of a faous labor union when his party first rules. He wanted desperately to take care of his people - to give them thins like good health, safe gun free streets, a better life, etc. His name was Adolf Hiter, the world's most famous labor union member and socialist. I think we all know how socialism worked out there. Everywhere it has been tried since, people lost individual liberties and freedom. Our founding fathers set up this country to be self reliant, individual soveriegn citizens, not a bunch of whiny gimme gimme gimme pigs. Want healthcare? Get a job. Want a job, elect a real leader next time. Democracy? This is a REPUBLIC! Then again that mistake can easily be made by a flag burner who don;t know American History except the leftist made up college version.

Does that answer your question?

By Sam the Wise (not verified) on 09 Mar 2010 #permalink

Sam the Wise: You speak nonsense, and none too well.

Wow...that explains a great deal, thank you for your thoughts, they certainly give perspective to the issue

Ummm, Sam, have you taken many political science courses?

Because, I think you might be confusing Fascism with Socialism. (Marx was one, Stalin...more the other..Mao....even further).

In my day a Facsist (human service to and for the advancement of the state) was about as far from a Socialist (from those people with the ability (the strong/healthy) to those people with the greatest need (not want) as you can get on the political spectrum.

Now I don't believe that's changed recently (at least not north of the 49th), so I guess I'll continue to eat my supper after the children have filled their bellies and proudly call myself "socialist"