Join Culture Dish for The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Book Launch Event

Are you in New York?  Anywhere near New York? If so ... mark your calendars and come join us for the PUBLIC BOOK LAUNCH EVENT we've all been waiting for (well, at least we here at Culture Dish have been waiting for it ... plus a few other folks):  In an evening emceed by Jad Abumrad of RADIOLAB, I'll be talking about my new book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks ... and rumor has it, some of Henrietta's family members will be there with me to answer your questions and SIGN YOUR BOOKS!  Also, we will have live HeLa cells for people to see.  So much excitement, we can hardly stand it.  And so SOON! February 1st (one day before the book's actual on sale date, which means if you come, you can get your copy one day before anyone else, then you can taunt other people about the fact that you got yours first) at 7pm at the fabulous McNally Jackson Booksellers.  Spread the word! Full fliers and event details below the jump.  And if you're not in New York, don't worry: The Immortal Book Tour is most likely coming to a town near you.  See full tour schedule here, and mark calendars accordingly.

i-01a39cc1f9160c10b23d4d1c317b3951-HeLa Public Launch - McNally Jackson Flier.jpg

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I cannot of course find an address where I can actually contact you, the author. I have recommended your book to my students (on the basis of the two super NYT reviews, though I have yet to see/read it), but now this c**p is close to disgusting. I was thinking of inviting you to introduce a class of mine (Bioethics etc), but since (i) I can't contact you and (ii) your publishers seem to have taken over your life..fuggedabouttit.



I'm actually very easy to contact - my address is on the "contact" page of both my website an my blog. It sometimes takes me a while to reply because I'm flooded with messages (and I have an auto response saying as much), but I always do try to reply. As is standard, my publisher handles all press requests. I handle the rest myself.

Thank God. I have been a little obsessed with the story
of Ms Lacks for some time now. I live in East Baltimore
and in the new Biotech Pk that Hopkins is presently
moving thousands of black homeowners out due to eminent
Since the beginning of the urban renewal project, I have
been advocating for Hopkins to name their future Bioethics
building, if not the entire Park after Henrietta Lacks.
Please read this article in Baltimore City Paper entitled
' A Bitter Pill '. During this interview, Nia Redmond,
my advocacy is noted. I am presently, the Only resident
rep on the board which is developing Hopkins Biotech Park,
not an easy fit; however, I am still lobbying for the
naming of it and/or the new Berman Bioethics Instiitute to
Ms Lacks name. I will attend your lecture at St Francis
hope to meet you.
nia redmond

By Nia Redmond (not verified) on 11 Feb 2010 #permalink