Strange Résumé: Teleprompter, Surgeon, Guillotine Operator, Stand Up Comedian All In One


Building a résumé that gets an employer's attention is serious business. Most employers need to be convinced that the candidate can be flexible and is an effective communicator. I have reviewed many résumés over the years, and this one is likely the most unusual.

Dr. Michelle Noonan earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and was a postdoctoral fellow at CalTech. She oversees a website devoted to health awareness. The details of her CV is unusual, to say the least; without a doubt, Dr. Noonan represents someone with a flexible background and the ability to communicate well.

She reports:

*Science Comedy Writer, Jamie Kennedy's HAHAJK website, (2011)

*Stand-up Comedian, Comedy Store (LA), Ha Ha Café (LA) (2010)

*Cast, "Baggage," TV series in game show dating genre where 3 potential daters reveal small, medium and large "baggage" and one wins the date. One of my dating "baggage" was that I own and operate a guillotine for science (2010)

*"Earning a Ph.D. in Sexy: A Guide for Girls with Brains but No Game," in progress, estimated completion May 30th, 2011.

Technical skills

Teleprompter, immunohistochemistry, confocal imaging, tissue sectioning, western blotting, hippocampal neuron culture, ELISA, PCR, genotyping, design-based stereology, intracardial perfusion, jugular vein catheter surgery, drug self-administration and reinstatement models, conditioned place preference model, fear conditioning, locomotor sensitization model, mouse and rat handling and injections, and olfaction testing.

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