Giant Squid Rides

For those in the area, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute will hold its annual open house from noon to 5 p.m. June 30 at 7700 Sandholdt Road in Moss Landing.

We will all be there, staff, scientists, and engineers, explaining our deep-sea research and discoveries. You will be able to see deep-sea animals and oceanographic instruments, try hands-on science activities and learn about careers in the ocean sciences. Exhibits will include MBARI's robotic deep-sea vehicles: the remotely operated vehicles Ventana and Tiburon, autonomous underwater vehicles and a benthic rover, a bigger badder version of the Mars rovers. At the docks you will be able to see all three of our research ships, the largest, the Western Flyer, you can tour.

For the kids, we captured a giant squid and put a saddle on it. Each child will get a 15 minute ride, or shorter if its hungry, on the back of Architeuthis around the harbor. So the last part isn't true but you will no doubt have fun and be in awe.

I will be splitting my time between the biology tent and talking about the Western Flyer, so stop by and say hey!

More information can be found at MBARI'S website.

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It is very early in the morning. Yes I know its only a little after 7am but I really am not a morning person. Like most mornings leaving the dock in Moss Landing it is foggy and relatively cold. I'm not whining its just cold for a southern boy. I will be on the Pt. Lobos today, affectionately…

Heh. I'd so fly out for rides in the harbor with Architeuthis.

Should I admit that I took the squid rides seriously, if only for a moment? Probably not, I suspect.

Putting saddles on squid indeed. Heh.

Wish I lived closer! I would love to take this all in and be able to ask questions in person, as I know I would have many.

You almost had me with the squid rides. Since I'm all the way down here in Florida, doubt I can make it. But I sure would like to.

I'm the wife of a marine biologist. Sea turtles are our thing. Nope, we don't put saddles on them and give rides either.