Wear Your Science!

From WearScience.com. Hat tip to Ed "rocket boy" Yong.

I am partial to the cowboy scientist riding the wild microbe, but I'll probably get the guitar playing robot.

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These are cool but where are the science t-shirts for us grrls? And what's with the multiplying women one in the upper RH corner?

oh man. Awesome! I am SO there.

You know, if we could just agree on one symbol we could really get this new religion cooking!

By vanderleun (not verified) on 14 Jun 2008 #permalink

Alice: click on the design, and you get the explanation...

Except that we are scientists first, deep-sea biologists second.

Kevin, that brings up an interesting point (perhaps one for su to blog on) - why separate the speciality from the discipline? Aren't all deep sea biologists (by their nature) scientists?