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So, it's now 4 a.m. and still no announcement? This is all starting to sound like an Orson Welles-esque hoax simply intending to support our local microbreweries... not that such a plot would be that bad of an idea, though.

By FishGuyDave (not verified) on 26 Aug 2008 #permalink

Squid & prawn flavoured beers you reckon, Dave?

In other news, perhaps worth covering here:

"... Russias fishing industry is traditionally considered one of the most corrupt. No attempt to make it civilized has ended successfully because of strong resistance from Russian and foreign businesses and officials who are interested in the existence of an uncontrolled fish market....
... The industry is undergoing radical change now. The most important step is the introduction of amendments to the Federal Law "On Fishery and Preserving the Biological Resources of the Oceans", which came into effect as of January 2008. A wide range of new enactments radically changing the situation will come into force this year...."

By Hank Roberts (not verified) on 27 Aug 2008 #permalink