Typo man rides again

After three posts on a spelling mistake Chris Sheil made, and another one on a Sheil typo, it seems that Tim Blair couldn't find any more Sheil errors. Undaunted, he has a new post linking Sheil to spelling mistakes made by someone else:

In other spelling news, Chris Sheil is selling his trailer.

In obedience to the Iron Law of Spelling Flames, his link is broken. Corrected link.

Update: Make that four posts on the spelling mistake. Get help, Tim B.

More Update: Five.

Even More Update: Six and seven and eight and
nine and
ten and
eleven and


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Ah, this sort of stuff from the right is music to my ears. It means the right's world of spin is crashing down around them so they've curled up into a fetal position and begun wailing like babies.

Would somebody mind pointing out one good thing about this left-wing wright-wing business. In other words why people keep it doing it

(apart from the fact that it's an easy way of rejecting an apposing view)


Some people just like taking sides on an issue. It doesn't bother them that the "sides" are built out of regurgitated talking points. But it does bother me, and I guess it bothers you.

It's a shame about Tim Blair. I wish I could read him in great depth, but I can't. The "spelling flame" issues are just symptomatic of a greater illness - confusing pettiness with vitriol.

"Would somebody mind pointing out one good thing about this left-wing wright-wing business. In other words why people keep it doing it"

The short answer, is that it cancels out the other side's BS. They scream that we're evil and we scream that they're evil. So now it's accepted that everyone is evil and we can move on from there. Plus it's a quick and easy way for many of us to fill our blogs or newspaper space when we're either too lazy or can't think of something to write. And the kids just love it. Ann Coulter, after all, isn't a best selling authour because she has sane, sensible ideas to promote.

"The short answer, is that it cancels out the other side's BS"

Not true in most cases it depends on where you are in space and time in relation to the two (or more) sources of BS. BS is a waveform.

In any case you won't get anything constructive...

From the Australian "italive" section today, a love letter to Tim Blair by Ian Cuthbertson:

If you keep your nose and your prose clean, you may one day become a blog star like Tim Blair.

Him and Andrew Sullivan were cited as successful bloggers.

Like Blair's blog, readers can spend hours wandering the corridors, following up links to other commentators on the same story and, in a nicely old-fashioned touch, can write letters to the editor, which appear under the Letters tab.

... or not, if Blair doesn't like them.

"What fun", indeed.