Fractal Fumento

After Fumento had been worked over by yours truly, Chris Mooney and PZ Myers, you'd think there would be nothing left, but Steve Reuland has taken just one paragraph from Fumento's column and found as many mistakes as I found in the whole thing. Fumento's columns aren't just wrong, they're fractals of wrongness!

P.S. Fumento.


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Powerline. Round about these parts, that name is pretty much a synonym for stupid, and I see they're doing a good job of maintaining their reputation. You'd think they'd learn that whenever they step into the domain of science, their level of ignorance is even more palpably apparent than usual.…
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I don't know about you, but I've been waiting with delicious anticipation to see what Fumento's defence would be after he got fired by Scripps-Howard. Fumento does not disappoint. Why did he not disclose that Monsanto had paid him $60,000 to write a book about biotechnology? Fumento says: I had…

What I find telling is Reuland's observation that it takes much more space (and, of course, time and effort) to explain Typhoon Fumento's ineptitude than to read Fumento's drivel itself. Perhaps it's his strategy.

"fractals of wrongness!"

Phrase of the year nominee.

For the record. I didn't think of this when I read this post many months ago, but in Summer '05 I took on two paragraphs of a creationist's malarkey about the San Andreas fault on wiki and found, in a text of a bit over 200 words [and a map], 93 lies.

And these two paragraphs were part of an inundation of many scores of pages he linked to from of Wiki, all containing roughly this concentration of dishonesty. Most grating was his handle...."Truthteller."

The analysis is on my wiki user page, User:Skookumplanet.

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