Monckton & the case of the missing Curry

Gareth Renowden tells the story of Monckton & the case of the missing Curry.


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Gareth Renowden has uncovered the true story of Monckton's visit to Australia. (Note to Tim Blair: I'm using "true story" ironically.) Tim Blair, who used to call fellow journalist Margo Kingston "the Margoyle", has gone all politically correct on us. He's outraged, outraged I tell you that the…
Gareth Renowden has uncovered the shocking story behind Christopher Monckton's screed at Pajamas Media.
Monckton's response to Abraham has drawn the attention of bloggers everywhere. George Monbiot finds it "magnificently bonkers". Gareth Renowden examines Monckton's claim to have a science background. Eli Rabett is collecting limericks. Richard Littlemore believes if they look at Abraham's…
Gareth Renowden's latest post on Monckton is pretty funny, but how can anyone compete with this? Monckton said he had "never believed heterosexual HIV is a myth," but insisted that the correct policy at start of any epidemic is to "isolate all carriers immediately," a position he advocated in the…

"His scream brought foxes out of their dens, and a golden eagle looked down from its lonely patrol and began a slow, circling descent.
Two foxes watched from a safe distance, and an eagle perched high in a pine stared at the man thrashing in pain as he tried to free the trap from the rusty iron chain keeping it in place. Save for the occasional grunt, moan, and obscenity, it was quiet. The snow was getting heavier."

Beautifully written I must say! Someone should draw up pictures to accompany this wonderful tale! A graphic novel!

Someone should draw up pictures to accompany this wonderful tale!

Uhhh...I don't think I want to a picture of Scrotum's bushy brow...

Nor the family jewels [euphemism] and lordly mace [should be a euphemism]!

This is the last paragraph in Monckey's 'paper':

For reasons of length, the present paper cannot consider the numerous and flagrant official as well as unofficial distortions, inflations and exaggerations of the supposed consequences of âglobal warmingâ: the present analysis has been confined only to the analysis of its imagined causes. This note should, however, be sufficient to convince the open-minded and diligent reader that, if so many artful steps have been and are being taken to falsify and exaggerate the scientific truth, perhaps the truth is not as those who are so ingeniously and persistently tampering with the science and the data would have us believe.
Monckton of Brenchley
Carie, Rannoch, Scotland, PH17 2QJ
30 December 2008

[My emphasis]

At last, I understand. The viscantcount character is actually intented as a parody of AGW denialism.

There can surely be no other explanation for the flagrant deception that is the concocted graph, and for the inability to reference real scientists.

Unless of course this is simply an example of the maxim that there is no bottom to Stupid.

By Bernard J. (not verified) on 29 Jan 2009 #permalink

_"Unless of course this is simply an example of the maxim that there is no bottom to Stupid."_

If Stupid has no bottom, then how does he defecate?

Ah yes! Stupid spouts ... which explains a lot.