Pielke Jr vs drafts

Last year I wrote about Roger Pielke Jr's abuse of draft reports for point-scoring purposes. Coby Beck catches him doing it again:

His latest effort at sabotaging productive discourse on climate science and policy is a really low blow, putting to rest any lingering hopes one might have had that he still had some integrity stashed away in there somewhere. Now I know these are strong words, but I have to confess this really gets my blood pressure up, it is just the slimiest of tactics.

John Fleck noticed the same thing, but is more charitable:

There's a significant difference between ideas shared in a draft circulated for comment and those finally published. To cite the former and ignore the latter in this case seems a bit misleading.

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I pretty much ignore Roger....either one of them.

Coby Beck still had lingering hopes? That's more surprising than to learn that Roger Jr is still playing the same underhanded game.

I am proud to have been one of the ones that caused Jr and Sr to re-do their comment policies. The ration of number of times making sense: spouting borderline denial nonsense is very low these days.



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