One blog to rule them all

As promised a little while ago, I've copied everything here and shut down the old blog. I've set up redirects so links to the old blog end up at the right place. Links to

all take you to the same post (my first ever blog post!).

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I've switched from hand-crafted html to using Blosxom for my blog. This lets me add some nice features like grouping postings by topic, an RSS feed, comments, search and so on. After a couple of hundred postings about John Lott, I also feel like posting on something else for a change,…
This post is a way for me to keep track of which blogs have blogrolled me. If you have a blog and have had the good taste to blogroll me, you can add your blog here. [Go here to see the table and the form.](
Via Jim Henley comes a test to see how nerdy you are. Like my previous quiz pages, you can post your score here and a link to your blog here. [Go here to see the table and the form.](
The latest quiz to sweep blogspace is this quiz, which tests your ability to distinguish between quotes from comments at Little Green Footballs and quotes from Late German Fascists. Matt Yglesias' post on the quiz triggered an extremely ill-tempered comment thread. In the spirit of…

I'm curious about the personnel changes at SB lately. Is there some sort of transfer market? Can I get a slice?