A Bigot Surgeon General Nomination (part II)

Last week we discussed the nomination of Dr. James Holsinger to be Surgeon General of the United States, and our concerns considering his anti-gay views.

Now Jim Burroway has done a thorough dissection of Holsinger's attempt to use science to advocate for homophobic policies in his church and it's about as skewed and cherry-picked as something Paul Cameron would advocate.

This is of significant concern as the Surgeon General is supposed to be a science educator, someone who informs the public about medicine and health-related issues. The fact that this nominee has abused science previously to bash homosexuals is a sign this is yet another unqualified nominee being advanced to a scientific position for political reasons. Write your senator, call or send an email. This man should not be Surgeon General of the United States.


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What is sad is that this is so normal with this administration that I almost don't even want to think about it. I pretty much assume until proven otherwise that all nominations by this president for all positions are as bad or worse than this one.

I really don't have the energy to protest them all. I think it would be easier to just impeach Bush and then that solves everything in one fell swoop. Too bad that isn't likely, either.

Maybe this nomination can be derailed- I've seen plenty negative things in the media about it, but then I am biased toward less fox-newsy sources.

Sometimes it is just so depressing to realize just how bad our government is right now.

The FRC has given their position on this: They claim that the Holsinger is right, and that anyone who disagrees with his paper is ignoring science because of political correctness. They then turn to some statistics showing that a few diseases are of higher incidence in homosexuals and heterosexuals, and suggest that homosexuality is a threat to public health that only Holsinger is able to admit.

They put it in much longer terms, but thats their general argument.