FRC wants gays out of baseball, mom's apple pie

Sounds dirty doesn't it? But the homobigot fake family values group, the Family Research Council, is dead serious about keeping teh gays out of baseball games.

This past Sunday, at the San Diego Padres baseball game, what was advertised as a "Free Floppy Hat Night" for kids under 14 turned out to be a double play. While the Padres management was enticing families with the giveaway for kids, it was also promoting the evening as a Gay Pride night at the ballpark. Children who received free hats were treated to the Gay Man's Chorus of San Diego singing the national anthem prior to what one homosexual group billed as "Out at the Park with the San Diego Padres."

The San Diego Padres organization should be ashamed that they would promote such an event on a night they specifically designed for the family. On this curveball of an evening, the Padres struck out.

Click the link below to contact the San Diego Padres and tell them that baseball is a family game that shouldn't be used as an exhibition of homosexual lifestyles. The national pastime is just that: an opportunity for fans of the sport to enjoy a game and take respite from the daily grind. It's not place for politics - or political correctness.

We've provided a short sample text you can sign or modify as you like to the Padres. Let's tell major league baseball to leave politics aside at the turnstile.

That's right, please, tell the Padres what you think.

After all, if children see gay people or hear them sing, it's like a siren-song of gayosity that will convert them to the homosexual lifestyle, or something. That's my current hypothesis. My other one is that the FRC is such a shameless coven of bigots that they feel they can intimidate business owners out of allowing gays to show their faces (and sing) at public events. They believe it is socially acceptable in this century to force gays back in the closet out of some ridiculous appeal to protecting kids. Oh won't somebody please think of the Children!


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I tried to send a "Good on you!" message from the FRC page, but despite their claim that we could modify the message as we saw fit, it was not in fact possible to change the subject or text. Yep, check it:

From the page: "We've provided a short sample text you can sign or modify as you like".

From the form: <TEXTAREA NAME="email_text" COLS="40" ROWS="6" READONLY>

READONLY. Oh yeah. Lyin' for Jesus!

By Johnny Vector (not verified) on 11 Jul 2007 #permalink

Also, don't forget that constant harping on the encroaching tides of Satan is a great way of keeping the donations ticking over.

Interestingly, this little anecdote perfectly encapsulates a related academic debate in the area of racism, over whether whites and non-whites living in close proximity leads to a decrease in racism (the contact hypothesis) or an increase (the racial threat hypothesis). My guess: it depends whether fundies are involved.

(P.S. There's also been some fascinating work adapting the racial threat hypothesis to the Christian/atheist dynamic. Hat tip: some science blog -- was it you?)

I would like to make a comment, but I'm waiting for "a short sample text [I] can sign or modify as [I] like". How will I know what my opinion is until you tell me what it is?

I considered writing about this on Moronality, but if I reported every time the FRC did something stupid, there would be no room for other subjects. So I only post the really, really bad events they are involved with. Im on their mailing list, so I get to laugh at their newsletter frequently.

My favourite so far remains the time they cited a paper showing that abortion causes some type of health problem... while not mentioning that its two authors were both on the board of directors of a pro-life pressure group, and that no journal would accept the paper for publication.

"The national pastime is just that: an opportunity for fans of the sport to enjoy a game and take respite from the daily grind. It's not place for politics - or political correctness."

Translation: baseball is a chance to take respite from the daily grind -- unless you're gay, or someone else that they disapprove of, in which case you'd better either pretend you don't exist or put up with abuse because we're not going to be politically correct.

(Note: I hate PC crud. But a fair number of anti-PC efforts are like this one: really nothing more than a reaction to realizing that it's a different groupthink than their own. The irony is funny, in a way.)

I guess I favor keeping overt sexuality out of family events like baseball, but it's impossible (and foolhardy) to deny sexuality exists. I think the right-wind anti-homosexuality push has more to do with an overall anti-sexuality push than it does with homosexuality itself. After all, if one is homosexual, one is acknowledging that one has sexual desires. Shock! Horror! Perhaps to sanitize family events, what we need to do is become like the dwarves of the Discworld -- both sexes dress and act identically, and sex itself is never, ever mentioned. :-P After all, aren't married people celebrating sex by wearing wedding rings and thus letting the world know that they've been in the sack together? EEK! Protect innocent young minds!

By Calli Arcale (not verified) on 12 Jul 2007 #permalink

Anti-sexuality is a good point, Calli. That's probably why anti-gay protesters usually have signs that say "gays are evil" or whatever instead of "Men should love vaginas"

I'm confused. Does this mean I'm not supposed to serve apple pie to a gay friend, or is it only a problem if we're watching a baseball game while there are kids in the room?