Want to be a wind up china doll?

i-14be121e13de7c4d3252b6c90cc7806d-Screen shot 2009-11-22 at 9.37.35 PM.png

Take Pristiq. Warning: side effects include becoming a fat wind up doll.

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Every time I see this commercial, I can't help but think "will turn you into a robot". After all, wind-up toys are just a really simple robot.

And I believe this type of toy is usually painted metal, not china, although I suspect they CGIed the toy so I'm not surprised it looks like china.

By Sari Everna (not verified) on 22 Nov 2009 #permalink

Is it just me (not being accustomed to commercials about prescription drugs) or isn't it rather funny that most of the commercial is about all the stuff that can go wrong if you take the mediciation?

That windup china doll is fat?

What, would you prefer it be anorexic?

By Katharine (not verified) on 23 Nov 2009 #permalink

@Katharine, weight gain is a side effect of many SSRIs, but the commercial does not show the robot experiencing any of them.

I don't know about Pristiq, but some other antidepressants can make you emotionally flat ... interesting since that also seems to be a symptom of depression. I know that when I was taking Paxil you couldn't make me get emotional about anything ... good or bad ... kind of Spock-like.

This happens all the time. The patent runs out for a drug (in this case, effexor) so they patent the metabolite and market it as a new drug.