Spontaneous human combustion and the chemistry of ghosts

i-e108825efe8c8d01ca54dce76fb957a6-ghost.jpgWhen purified, it glows with an unearthly light. You can't go "chemical free" and try to escape it. It's part of our bones and it forms the backbone of our DNA. A tool for good, a tool of war, essential for gardening, and infamous as a pesticide; phosphorus is truly an amazing element. Amazing too, are the stories about it's discovery and our history with using it. Many of the stories in The 13th Element by John Emsley (2000, John Wiley & Sons), from the alchemist's bench to the murderer's kitchen, are well-suited to reading on a Halloween eve.

From the nightmare inspiring stories about the Gnandenshuss, "the shot of grace" used for people splattered with burning phosphorus after air raids in Hamburg, Germany, to the origins of the Salvation Army, Emsley holds our attention with continual surprise and a well-researched history.

As a child I cried in sympathy when I read Hans Christian Anderson's "Little Match Girl," a story of a little match girl freezing to death on a cold winter night. Little did I know the match girls were real. The Royal College of Surgeons even has a display of their jaw bones that illustrates the torture derived from their profession. Emsley tells the sad story of one match girl:

When she was twenty-four one of her wisdom teeth started to ache and, eventually, it got so bad that she visited a local dentist. He could see it was too decayed to be filled and pulled it out. The cavity it left behind refused to heal and, after a few days, it began to discharge a vile-tasting pus which gradually became worse until it sometimes oozed from her nose. Still she worked on at the match factory. Eventually her jawbone became exposed and one day a piece of it came away.


She had phosphorus necrosis...

It's an amazing story and the connection with the Salvation Army is amazing as well. I never knew that they began in part from a desire to make matches with humanity.

As for spontaneous human combustion, Emsley meticulously researches cases where it might have happened. And finds in phosphorus, a possible, although he says unlikely, explanation.

Diphosphane, P2H4, is a flammable gas used in distress rockets and self-igniting flares. It can be produced in the human gut, in small amounts, and could, possibly be the culprit.

Phosphorus could also be the agent responsible for ghostly figures and unexplained lights that flit across the bogs at night and inhabit swampy graveyards. In 1993, microbiologists found that bacteria can make phosphane and diphosphane. In swampy areas, where archea make flammable methane, this could lead to flares of light and the appearance of ghostly sights.


Additional reference:

1.  Roels J, Verstraete W. "Biological formation of volatile phosphorus compounds."  Bioresour Technol. 2001 Sep;79(3):243-50.



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Gnadenschuss and Andersen.

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Miroslav Provod centrum11@volny.cz

Cells versus capacitors

During the experiments regarding cells and capacitors, we have seen yet unpublished properties, which could explain phenomena that have been thought of as mysteries till now. These could show many other solutions. Because there are new terms used in the results I will try to demonstrate these new findings on three natural phenomena.

On cellular membranes, there is spontaneus transformation of cosmic energy into electric energy if they are located in energetic overcharge in the same way as on the electrodes of capacitors. If two or more auras of matters are interconnected their auras merge into a bigger common aura and then their energetic values are equalised.

If we think about the human body according to the new knowledge, we could say that bilions of cells are in contact and their auras overlap, which means that the whole body has a common aura. This phenomenon works not only in between the human cells but also in electronics. The memory of a computer comprises of a great amount of miniature condensers and is able to store information in the form of 0s and 1s (0 = there is no charge, 1 = there is charge). Therefore, we could say that human body and electronics have some similar properties. This tells us that if the charge is increased it could cause harm not only to cells in the human body but also to electronics (this could be proved by some simple experiments).

According to the procedure that Im describing in the article Dowsing versus aura it is easy to prove the reactions of energetic parts of water flows (aura, zones, interzones). By this we get an idea about the energy of small water flows and we could orientate in the energetic properties of great water flows more easily. By this I mean sea currents. There are many of these and their flow is in the order of hundreds of millions m3/sec and it could be assumed that they are in interaction with large streams around the Earth. The Gulf stream has various bends and meanders where there is multiple energetic concentration. In the Sargas sea there are also whirlpools whose diameter reaches up to 300km and they reach depth of 5000m. These further increase the local energetic concentration. These places could be thought of as critical from the point of view of further energetic increase from other sources, which could be thunderstorm clouds, moon, planets and other sources. Also, the planes that have been lost in this area could have connection with energetic overvoltage.

The zones of the Gulf stream copy in the shapes of cylindrical shells the US East coast. The energy of one of these zones could be artificially significantly increased by the use of groups of great capacitance capacitors and this would create a barrier that would destroy all organisms and electronics. However, there is a great amount of sea currents and this gives us the opportunity to built such a barrier anywhere on the Earth. This piece of knowledge could also be used for other purposes.

This knowledge about the energetic overvoltage of cells could also explain a strange phenomenon that occurred in the streets of capital of Nairobi on 24.July 1956 at 15:00 (03:00p.m.). About 200 men and women danced on the main street in Nairobi. The dancing people had a regretful look in their faces such as if they danced because they were forced to dance. It wasnt possible to communicate with them and they didnt perceive anyone who asked them a question. One hour later, there were 20.000 men, women and children dancing. Eventually, there were about 50.000 people dancing in a strict circle whose diameter was 3.5 kilometres. It looked like they werent perceiving anything but they kept about a metre of space between them and they didnt bump into anyone. Its interesting that even older people could dance in this dancing marathon for about 5 hours without any visible signs of getting tired. Later accounts of the dancing showed that they didnt remember anything because their sences were totally crippled. Their memory and thinking didnt work. Its very interesting that even that there was no music playing with this dance all the dancers kept the same rhytm.

In this magic circle, not all the people were dancing. The dancers were those who had some metal objects such as coins in their pockets. The dance participants later realised a feeling that their body gained energy from these metal objects. Everything suddenly ended =at 20:00 (08:00p.m.). Nobody has been hurt or dead. This is a very rare phenomenon, which was also noted with some differences in Rheinland at spring equinox in 1374. Between 1871 1878 in the Savoy there was an epidemic obsession in women monasteries that was changing into diabolic feakout. The cause of these incomprehensible events hasnt been found yet.

The knowledge of the empiric research also gives us an explanation of this mysterious event. People that were affected by the dance were located in the energetic space of the town that had greater energetic overcharge than the optimal cellular charge. This caused greater charge on the cells (including brains cells) and was followed by disorder of thinking. The fact that is peculiar on this event is that even older people didnt feel tired after 5 hours long dancing. Not less interesting is the information that only those people that had metal objects in their pockets were affected by the dance. Three great time intervals between similar events show that the energetic overcharge could be caused by astronomical influences. I dont doubt that similar anomalies in the region of aura could also be created by groups of great capacitance capacitors, which would create optimally enhanced overcharge in this given region. We noticed similar health disorders during the experimetns, but we interrupted such experiments due to the possibility of health damage. The fact that similar situation cant be evoked by the people that dont have metal with them prompts us to many useful applications. Bank robbers usually have metal objects with them, but bank workers dont, so a button could be pressed and the bank robbers would give us a dance before the police arrives. There are many other such applications.

Another mysterious event, which could be assigned to the zones of the cosmic energy is the spontane human combustion (SHC). The spontane human combustion is one of the most controversial phenomena for serious researchers. The spontane combustion means that human body could be ignited without any optically noticed source. Very intense and unbelievably localised fire transforms most of the human body into ash. In many cases part of a limb, like a leg, remains untouched. Similarly, some parts of clothes or surrounding objects remain untouched. Nothing similar exists in nature that would be similar to those fires and the accompanying phenomena dont follow laws of physics and findings of medicine. Some researchers also describe this phenomenon by candlewick effect. They wrap a body of a pig into a sheet and leave it slowly burning all day. They forget about the fact that the process of burning during SHC happenes in a matters of seconds, not hours. There is a great amount of information about this phenomenon on the internet and therefore I wont further describe it, but will limit myself only to the classification from our researchs point of view.

Cellular membranes have a capacity of about (1µF/cm2), which means that they work like a capacitor. If we keep increasing the charge on a capacitor after reaching the threshold value, which is the maximum value up to which its sized, the isolator would eventually brake and in that moment, all the energy is released and the capacitor is destoryed. Similar disastrous process happens with billions of cells in humans. When the threshold energetic value for which nature sized our cells is reached, the cells explode in the same way as capacitors do.

I have written about three different phenomena, which by their specific show confirm functionality of other properties of cells and condensers. I would be delighted if some research centers used this new knowledge.

April 2008

Miroslav Provod