Basic lab stuff: pouring an agarose gel

This is a video that a friend made that shows, very clearly, how to pour an agarose gel, load the samples and run it. I especially like the way he used a bit of time lapse photography to show the dyes separating as the gel ran.

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This is really neat! I blogged about it.

Some neuroscientists from my university will be visiting monks at the monastery of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India, next month to teach them about western scientists and how they learn about the brain and mind. They've asked students and postdocs to create little movies like this about their own research. This video by your colleague is especially well done, very clear and patiently explained. I find it quite inspiring... I may have to break out a video camera in the lab, myself!

thanks Laura!

The author of this video has some other nice ones too, with useful topics like using and calibrating micropipettors. Good stuff!