Science Online Satellite Seattle Salutes Science Blogging

Tonight, I'm going to be speaking on a panel at the University of Washington with fellow science bloggers:

 More details and event information can be found at our event page at Seattle Science Online.  #ScioSEA
Photo courtesy of Mandy Hunter, Madison College.
I feel really fortunate to be in their company and to be able say I've been participating in ScienceOnline and science blogging for quite some time.  The ScienceOnline folks are a fantastic community.  The passion that these folks have for learning about science, doing science, and sharing it with the world is phenomenal.  They draw in everyone from scientists to writers to artists and rappers.  Yes, rappers!
One of the lessons I've learned from ScienceOnline is the importance of helping the next generation.  Bora Zivkovic also known as the Blogfather, has demonstrated the importance of mentoring new writers and giving them a voice in the community.

Following Bora's lead, I've had the good fortune to mentor two student bloggers at Bio-Link is a national organization focused on training students to enter the life science workforce. Our two bloggers are both full-time students, great writers, and simply incredible and I admire  Mandy Hunter and Jennifer Newsted  more than I can say. Do check out their blog posts, especially if you're considering science as a career.

Both Jennifer and Mandy are sharing their daily experiences as biotech students: the good, the bad, the challenging, and even the cookies!  Well, okay photos of cookies. Not quite as yummy as the real things would be, but they look good.

I'm hoping there are cookies tonight!







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