May's Idiot of the Month - a bit late

May's Idiot of the Month Award goes to Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute, an affiliate of Concerned Women for America, for this ridiculous screed in - where else? - the WorldNutDaily. Even by the standards of WND, Knight succeeds brilliantly in making himself sound like a knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing moron. His premise is that the events of sexual abuse and humiliation that went on in Abu Ghraib are not the fault of the military or the administration whose policies they carried out, they're the fault of liberals who have fostered an immoral culture in America. Oh, and that's why they beheaded Nick Berg too, because we're immoral. Wait till you see the mental contortions he has to go to support that stupid thesis. He begins:

Likewise, America has endured several cultural currents that have come to a deadly nexus in Iraq. Businessman Nick Berg, who was beheaded by a group claiming revenge over the prison abuses, is the first victim, and we can only pray he will be the last.

The photo of an American female soldier leering at naked Iraqi men could not have been better designed to enrage Muslims and stimulate recruitment for the suicide-bombing training camps. Only this time, instead of Israelis being targeted, we shouldn't be surprised when Americans like Berg in America are the victims.

So who is to blame for it? Not the good Christian souls in the Bush administration or in the military, of course. It's those damned liberals who did it:

None of this happened by accident. It is directly due to cultural depravity advanced in the name of progress and amplified by a sensation-hungry media...

We were told homosexuality is harmless and normal, and the military should live with a "don't ask, don't tell" policy that allows homosexuals to stay in the barracks. We were told that men "marrying" men and women "marrying" women is inevitable not only for America, but for the world. Imagine how those images of men kissing men outside San Francisco City Hall after being "married" play in the Muslim world. We couldn't offer the mullahs a more perfect picture of American decadence. This puts Americans at risk all over the world, especially Christian missionaries who are trying to bring the Gospel to people trapped in darkness for millennia.

It's perfectly logical, isn't it? Liberals think that adults should be allowed to have consensual sex with other adults in the privacy of their own home. Therefore, a conservative administration felt compelled to force Iraqi prisoners to perform homosexuals acts against their will in Abu Ghraib. Pure cause and effect if ever I saw it. And because those evil liberals forced those pure and holy conservatives to make Muslim men pretend to blow other Muslim men, this makes the theocratic religious fanatics like Bin Laden want to behead Americans. So the solution is obvious, isn't it? All we have to do is emulate the kind of society those religious nuts want and then they won't hate us anymore and they won't behead people! That's Knight's solution - ban homosexuality, crackdown on pornography, get women and gays out of the military (obviously if those women and gays hadn't been there, the abuse never would have happened. We all know straight men would never have done anything like that without their influence), eliminate sex education, remove broadcast licenses to eliminate "indecent" things on the radio. In short, as he puts it, "cease all activities that undermine moral order".

It goes without saying that all similarities of this agenda to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan or their Islamic theocratic supporters around the world - you know, the enemies we're allegedly fighting - is purely coincidental and utterly lost on the terminally clueless Christian theocrat writing this incoherent muddle. Congratulations, Mr. Knight. You are officially the stupidest person in America for the month of May.

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ROFLMAO! That was brutal Ed.

And all this time I thought our soldiers were fighting and dying to bring our way of life to the Middle East. No, was the WMDs. Oops, that's not right, either. I'm pretty sure we're over there to bestow democracy and popular sovereignty, right? Or is it that we need to install the right KIND of democracy and popular sovereignty? Sort of a...religious theocracy? But aren't we already fighting the religious theocrats over there? Let's see. Were supposed to set up a democratic state, but with just a little (of the right kind of) religious freedom, no gays, no women's rights, no free media, and limited freedom of expression. Next thing you know, we'll be sending creationism texts. Sounds to me a lot like...Afghanistan. Geez, I'm really confused.

Small wonder they don't want us there anymore. They've got enough problems without us making it worse.

Ahh, yes. World Nut Daily. I followed that site for quite a while, but came to the conclusion that Joe Farah thinks one thing: America will be great once again if only all those fags and unChristians will just go away. When he jumped on the Y2K-panic scam gravy train, that about settled it.

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