Great Stallings Quote

From the press conference yesterday, reported by Townhall:

"It was the spirit world that said he was the Messiah," said Archbishop George A. Stallings, Jr., pastor of an independent African-American Catholic congregation. Moon, founder of the Unification Church, was merely repeating the message, said Stallings.

Conveniently, the "spirit world" was unavailable for comment.

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love the stuff you have been posting on Moon -- I hope it was you specifically that the Church referenced in these articles.

" I hope it was you specifically that the Church referenced in these articles."

Of course it is. Everyone knows Ed is the anti-christ.

I hope it was you specifically that the Church referenced in these articles.

You mean all the comments they've made about bloggers? If so, I'm not the one they've been specifically referring to. That would be John Gorenfeld, a freelance writer from Seattle who has been the one breaking this story from the start. I think I was one of the first other bloggers to pick up on it and start talking about it, but nowhere near the most widely read. Atrios and some of the other big boys jumped on it, John did an article on about it, and then finally the mainstream media picked it up. So it's certainly not me they're referring to except as part of a larger group of bloggers, and all of us are only helping John get the word out. He's the guy who deserves all the credit.