Judge Roy Moore Rides Again

Wow, this guy is really a piece of work. Judge Moore is now appealing his ouster as Chief Justice of Alabama to the Supreme Court, claiming - and this is really funny - that his ouster established an "unconstitutional religious test for office". A religious test for office would be, for example, a requirement that only Christians be allowed to hold public office. Moore is claiming the opposite:

"Certainly you should not be removed from office for professing a belief in God," Moore said at a news conference.

Unbelievable, isn't it? Roy, you weren't removed from office for professing a belief in God. The judiciary is full of judges who profess a belief in God. All of our elected representatives profess a belief in God (they have to or they couldn't get elected). You were removed for refusing to follow a binding federal court order. You were removed from office by a judicial panel, all of whom also profess a belief in God, and your prosecution was led by David Pryor, a rising star on the religious right (also a much better legal mind than his many detractors will admit). If those people were really establishing a test that ruled out anyone who believes in God, they would have ruled themselves out too.

The more Judge Moore goes around saying idiotic things like this, the more clear it becomes that his impeachment should have been based upon his obvious lack of qualification for the job. No one who would make a legal argument that freaking stupid should be allowed to be a judge at any level, much less a state supreme court.


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Roy's rock is now on a triumphant tour of the country. Last I saw, it was in Dayton, TN. At least they took the damn thing out of the court building.

I don't think Moore seriously expects to win on appeal; I think his real goal is to stay in the limelight and build popular support for a future candidacy. He may be the next governor of Alabama. It is sometimes embarrassing to be a southerner.

Ex-Judge Roy S. Moore-on shouldn't even be let out of the house alone, never mind making it onto the bench! The thing that is so pathetic is that apparently this guy's lunacy is so commonplace as to have gone unremarked on by the rest of Alabumma as he climbed the ladder to 'success'.

But he is just another publicity-sucking bottom-feeder, and there are SO many of those in the ranks of the fundamentalists and the evangelicals (not to mention the Southern Baptists!)that he is gonna have to work very very hard to stand out from the crowd!

If you read columnist Maureen Farrell's latest column concerning the travesty of a 'vote' which Tom Buggy DeLay delivered over at the House a few weeks ago, you will see how Moore is right on course along with the rest of the slimy xtian Reconstructionists to make a law where Congress can deny the Supreme Court the right to judge laws which they pass, which, although it is meant as a weapon to blungeon gays with, could also spell the end of all sorts of civil rights and civil liberties which are currently taken for granted.

One has to wonder if the anti-gay bigot black ministers who are being manipulated by the religious white right will be quite so adament about slitting the throats of gays when they discover that the law that has been passed can end all desegregation on a mere conservative whim?

How d'ya like them apples, guys?


Guess where Roy Moore's (in)famous Ten Commandment Monument was this last Weekend? You got it, Rob, right here in Dayton, TN, home of the 1925 Scope's (Monkey) Trial! See local news story:


or AP news:


It's the first stop on a multi-state tour. See:


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>>>No one who would make a legal argument that freaking stupid should be allowed to be a judge at any level, much less a state supreme court.