Sandefur and Solum, et al. v. Posner

You all should definitely be keeping up with the conversation going back and forth between Richard Posner (posting on Leiter's blog), Timothy Sandefur, Larry Solum and others. Follow the links. I like Sandefur's phrase "mass moral relativism", and it looks to me like Posner is getting thrashed pretty severely at this point.

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Another outbreak of debate about originalism as the proper mode of constitutional interpretation has broken out all around the blogosphere, particularly among some of my favorite legal scholars. It began with Larry Solum lamenting the fact that so many legal scholars continue to use original intent…
The title is the name of a conference to be held at Yale University in April 2005, which will include some of the most influential and respected constitutional law scholars in the nation (though the list at this point excludes some names that certainly should be there - Richard Epstein, Doug…
This is pretty cool. SCOTUSblog has asked some of the more prominent legal bloggers to post there on the outcome of the medical marijuana case. They include Ann Althouse, Larry Solum, Orin Kerr and others. So it's all Raich, all the time for a while.
Timothy Sandefur has posted an excellent essay on libertarian judicial philosophy, as part of an ongoing debate going on between myself, Sandefur, Jonathan Rowe, Randy Barnett and Larry Solum (on the libertarian side) and Clayton Cramer, Stephen Bainbridge and Owen Courreges (on the conservative…

FWIW, I don't pay a lot of attention to blogs that don't allow for comments. I skimmed Sandefur's blog and Solum's, but don't anticipate spending much time there.

For the same reason, I don't spend much if any time at Volokh's blog either. And that is notwithstanding the rather low level of commentary there.

FWIW, I don't pay a lot of attention to blogs that don't allow for comments.

Hmm... I cut off comments some months ago when I realized I had gotten a total of one comment in all the months I'd blogged and was spending an hour a week culling through spam comments. You're free to make your choices on whom you read, but configurations may be based on lack of time to upgrade MovableType (my case) or a variety of factors.