Alan Keyes Loses His Mind

One of my readers left a comment on my post about Alan Keyes with links to two articles on Keyes' Renew America website. Holy cow, you gotta see these. The first is from David Quackenbush about the Schiavo case and the second is an interview with Alan Keyes, wherein we see that the religious right has now gone from criticizing the courts to believing that they may simply be ignored whenever the executive (meaning President or Governor) thinks they're wrong - and they do so in the exact same words in both:

And in this particular case, with the other branches ranged against them, the judges actually have no power or authority, and it is the executive who can act. Governor Bush needs simply to intervene, to protect this woman's life, to look the court in the eye and say, as President Andrew Jackson did, "You've made your ruling. You enforce it." They can't enforce it, of course, because they have no executive power to do so.

When judges act in a way that contravenes the conscience of the executive, they forfeit the cooperation of the executive -- and that is how the Founders intended it to be. It is about time that the executive reasserted that truth of our constitutional system, and Florida would be a great place to start.

Wow. When judges act in a way that the executive disagrees with, they should just ignore the courts like Andrew Jackson did. Interesting choice of examples to model one's suggestion on, isn't it? Andrew Jackson, of course, ignored the Supreme Court when they ruled that he could not forcibly relocate over 100,000 American Indians. Jackson, knowing that he controlled the military and the courts could not enforce their ruling, simply ignored them. The result was the Trail of Tears, in which thousands of Indians were killed. How fitting that this nutball would pick as an example of why the executive should just do whatever it wants and ignore the courts a situaion that resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Have these people completely lost their minds?

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Sadly enough, major media outlets are giving voice to these people, as if doing so were the fair play expected of a neutral reporting source.

There are not two sides to this story. There is the sad tale of a dead woman's wishes on one hand; and on the other, raving lunatics who hope this case helps birth the theocracy they crave.

Y'know, as soon as I think that Keyes can't sink any lower than he previously has in the negative IQ sweepstakes, he pulls something out of his ass and lowers the limbo bar yet again.

It's also nice to know that he's shaking hands with the ghost of somebody who was an unrepentant slave owner as well as a flouter of the Supreme Court's judicial authority and the initiator of the Trail of Tears.

Good going, Kermit. Keep this up and not even the LaRouchies will want you around as comedy relief.

By Chris Krolczyk (not verified) on 30 Mar 2005 #permalink