Reports on the "War on Christians" Conference

I've written a couple times about the "War on Christians" conference held in DC earlier this week, but some others have much more comprehensive reports on the subject. Michelle Goldberg, the terrific writer for Salon, has a full report on that site. She includes this little gem:

Taking the stage before the 200 or so adoring activists in the banquet hall, DeLay ran with the end-times theme. "We have been chosen to live as Christians at a time when our culture is being poisoned and our world is being threatened, at a time when sides are being chosen and the future of man hangs in the balance," he said. "The enemies of virtue may be on the march, but they have not won, and if we put our trust in Christ, they never will."

Tom DeLay talking about virtue is like Wilt Chamberlain teaching an abstinence-only sex-ed course. Neither of them knows anything about the subject.

Goldberg also reports that one of the speakers was Herb Titus, with whom I had an interesting debate on Jim Babka's radio show last year over the 14th amendment. She goes on to cite Sara Diamond's claim that Titus was fired from Pat Robertson's Regent University law school (he was the dean) because he refused to renounce Christian reconstructionism. I've been assured that this was not the case, but was rather a lie put out by Robertson to position himself as a moderate, by mutual friends (of mine and Titus, that is). But his appearance at this festival of demagoguery is a bit distressing.

Pam Spaulding also has a couple interesting posts on the subject.

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Jon Rowe has written a retraction of his charge that Herb Titus, former head of the Regent University law school, is a Christian reconstructionist. Titus took the time to write him directly and dispute that those are his views. The post caught my eye because I had conversations with Perry Willis, a…
I just got a call from Jim Babka inviting me on his show for a second time this Sunday. The subject will be the 14th amendment and whether or not it intended to incorporate the bill of rights as enforcable against the states. My opponent will be none other than Herb Titus, former dean of the Regent…
Everyone must read this article about ‘Joel's Army’ and be afraid. It's a movement by radical Dominionists to build an informal paramilitary organization (at this time, it seems to be more attitude than organization) to prepare to fight to impose a kind of Christian fascism on the world. It may be…
Just a reminder for anyone who is interested in listening, I'll be appearing on the Jim Babka show, Culture Repair, at 5 pm eastern time to debate the 14th amendment with Herb Titus, former dean of the Regent University Law School. To listen online, click here. High quality streaming is available…

Somehow I just really can't picture Jesus getting all that cuddly with Tom DeLay, unless of course, DeLay repents. It could be because I've been so heretical as to actually read the gospels . . .

Did he get that backwards?

Our world is being poisoned and out culture is threatened by fundamentalism.

He'll do whatever it takes to get reelected. I'm sure we all remember when that fake push for the marriage amendment put those guys over the top.

He has a hell of a lot of pedling to do to get re-elected. Many republicans in his ditrict would rather vote for e dem than for him.

Look at this fund raising "survey" (via being sent out to raise funds for politicians. Response Consulting, the people who engineered the document, say, "Survey packages have proven to be tremendously effective as new donor acquisitions for candidates and organizations. This example is one of our most successful appeals. The 'OFFICIAL' look of our outer envelope and reply form are keys to its effectiveness." Yeah, I'll bet!

After they make it seem like you have to return the "survey", here's the option they give you if you decide you don't want to donate any money: "No. I do not wish to participate in the Survey, nor do I wish to make a donation to help the Republican Party. I am returning my Survey Document, along with a contribution of $11 to help cover the cost of tabulating and redistributing my Survey." Maybe I'm naive and this is just business as usual. It still stinks, though.