Darby Loses....Barely

Fundamentalist Christian nutball Roy Moore lost the Republican primary race for governor by a landslide. Unfortunately, atheist nutball Larry Darby came much closer to winning the Democratic primary for attorney general, getting 43.5% of the votes. I have no idea what that means.


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I don't think it means much at all. But I do think it is most likely that there are alot of 'closet' atheists out there. Way more than goes reported or discussed.

And while this guy is nutty he is perhaps, well I was going to say less nutty than Moore, but i don't know if that is true.:-)


Sadly I think your probably correct. But I think 'closet' atheists are a much bigger group than is generally accounted. But I don't think anyone would vote for someone because of this either.

But maybe. 43.5% is pretty high though.

It means that most people weren't paying attention. If I remember my poli sci classes correctly, the people who score the best in public opinion polls are typically fringe candidates -- because nobody wants to say something bad about someone they don't know. (e.g., in the 1980s, Lyndon LaRouche always enjoyed something like an 85% approval rating.) Combine that with the fact that Darby's name appeared on the top line of the ballot, and that explains it.

Here's a weird twist: I'm somehow on Larry Darby's email blast list. I wrote, twice, and asked to be taken off the list, and both times Larry wrote back personally to tell me that he would. He never did, and the updates were more comical than I would have expected, so I stayed on the list.

Anyway, Larry's last two emails also emphasized that he was in favor of Alabama's anti-gay-marriage amendment. That, plus rampant anti-semitism... Larry, I don't think the word "atheist" means what you think it means.

By Andrew T. (not verified) on 08 Jun 2006 #permalink