Rev. Moon Update

I haven't written much about the Rev. Moon since moving to ScienceBlogs, mostly because he's been pretty quiet over the last few months (those interested in my previous posts on the subject can go here). Robert Parry, an investigative reporter who has followed Moon very closely over the years, has a new article about Moon's recent activities, including donating a million dollars to the George H.W. Bush presidential library.

The article also has an overview of Moon's history of buying influence and access to our government and how his money has flowed through the religious right in particular. The Bush family, in particular, has a long history with Moon. Bush 41 has accepted millions of dollars from Moon to speak on his behalf around the world, a fact that Moon has used to his advantage in propaganda distributed by his many media outlets. It also details his long history of funnelling money to the madman who runs North Korea, and even running weapons for him.

For a look at just how insane Moon is, see this post about the meeting in the spirit world that appointed him the savior of the world. And for a look at just how far his influence has gone in our political system, see this post about Moon's coronation ceremony on Capitol Hill. The man is a felon, a fascist and a danger to our society; he should be deported immediately and all of his American operations shut down.


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Al Capone was finally brought down by Tax Evasion charges. Maybe Moon finally gets busted by the ASPCA for poodlecide, or schnauzercide. As the saying goes, You can take the jerkwad out of Korea, but you can't take the Korea out of the jerkwad.

I'm a little surprised by that too, hon, but then I'm often surprised at what people react to and what they don't. I'll write something I don't think anyone will be interested in and get 80 comments on it, and write something I think everyone will wanna talk about and get 2.

I am amazed that this post didn't get more reaction from your readers.

Moon is such a foul monster that I for one am shocked into silence
each time I read of him.

Moon is such a foul monster that I for one am shocked into silence each time I read of him.

I get a feeling that's key to many a wingnut's success.