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I found this post on Blogesque through John Gorenfeld's site. It details how the Rev. Moon's speeches are often sanitized when translated into English. His translators take out some of the nuttier things he says in order to make them more palatable to non-Moonies. Specifically, he provides a more accurate translation of Moon's speech before the American Clergy Leadership Conference in October of last year and points out that nearly half the speech was redacted in the version that appeared on the Moon website. Among the crazy or creepy things left out:

I am the founder of [the] Washington Times. I can get all the secrets and details of your life if I want.

I hear many American women don't want to have children. This may cause the extinction of [the] human race.

Were Adam and Eve chased out of the garden of Eden before they had children, or after they had children? It was after they had children. Under whose supervision they were married, God or Satan? God could not chase after them to marry them. It was Satan; must have been Satan.

That therefore we must acknowledge that Satan's lineage - Satan's blood - is moving around our body.

I met all the great saints in the spirit world: Socrates, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Confucius. I received messages from the spirit world. They all want to marry Korean women so I did it, I helped them to do that. Was it a good thing? What I mean is - Jesus' bride, Mohammed's bride, Confucius' bride - they are all alive on earth now because I married them with wonderful ladies.

The last one refers to an absolutely mind-boggling full page ad that Moon took out in newspapers around the world on July 4, 2002, an ad I had a good deal of fun with here. In that ad, Moon claims to have been at a meeting in the "spirit world" of most of the prominent men in world history. Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, Muhammed, they were all there. So were Marx, Lenin and Stalin, representing the Communist Boys and Girls Club, apparently. All of these people were in agreement, you see, that Moon was the coolest cat ever. Hell, it even included a letter from God himself. Makes you feel pretty lame for the references you put on your resume, doesn't it?

It's easy to dismiss Moon as the complete nutball that he obviously is. But he's a very smart and very dangerous nutball, and he has put himself in a position to exert perhaps more influence over the American political system than any other single person. Through an enormous array of front groups, he has spread around literally billions of dollars to buy influence in the American government and it has worked beautifully. The first President Bush has actually been paid millions to travel on Moon's behalf and talk him up in other nations. The current President Bush sent a letter praising the work of Moon's group that was read before Moon gave the speech that is translated above, and he has picked numerous Moon followers to work in his administration. Under the "faith based initiatives" program, the Bush administration has handed out hundreds of thousands of dollars to Moon groups and followers to promote their absolutely bizarre notions about sex education. In addition, Moon has over the last few years also began buying influence in the civil rights community, including prominent leaders like Walter Fauntroy.

I am not being the least bit alarmist when I say that Rev. Moon is perhaps the most dangerous man in the US. He may well be more of a threat to our way of life than even Osama Bin Laden and his followers. The Islamic radicals can set off bombs and kill people, but Moon, whose views can accurately be described as theofascist, has his tentacles on our system from within. For more, visit my archive of articles on Moon and John Gorenfeld's site.

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Note: My friend DarkSyde posted an entry on his diary at DailyKos pointing people here for information about Rev. Moon. It's been a few weeks since I last wrote about Moon, so I thought I'd repost the one that started it all, my fisking of the insanely ridiculous full page ad that Moon took out…
On July 4, 2002, the Unification Church (a.k.a. the Moonies) took out a full page ad in newspapers all around the world that just has to be seen to be believed. I'm going to reprint parts of that ad here, skipping all of the statements by all of the "underlings" of the great religions, along with…
We all know that President Bush is passionate about "protecting the sanctity of marriage", especially from people who want to get married. One of the programs he has proposed to do so is the Healthy Marriage Initiative. As the Heritage Foundation described it: The President's Healthy Marriage…
John Gorenfeld, who has done more than any other person I know of to expose the unbelievable activities of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has a post at Talk2Action exposing the longstanding links between the Bush family and Moon. Bush the Elder has literally travelled all over the world, being paid millions…

"They all want to marry Korean women"

When you're right you're right.

One of the most pernicious illusions that are programmed into most of us who experience public education is the certainty that wrong answers and illogical ideas are inevitably handicaps to success. Far from it. As should be clearer each day now, absurdities and nonsense that meet the needs of large groups of people, at least in an immediate sense, are paths to success. All the scorn that's leveled at superstitious and credulous dim-wits hasn't changed the scary but real fact that organizing those dim-wits into legions of political force has changed the social landscape.Having the right answers means success in school. It may mean success in the very long term as well, but in order to succeed in the very long term you also have to survive consistently in the short term. It's clear as day that absurd nonsense has survival value for many otherwise marginal people. So dismissing it out of hand, while comforting, isn't enough. What's required is power, force, might, strength - not argument alone; there is no guaranteed victory through truthful argument against madness and cunning lies and delusion. Except in an academic setting.

By Ajax Bucky (not verified) on 15 Jan 2005 #permalink

What's required is power, force, might, strength - not argument alone; there is no guaranteed victory through truthful argument against madness and cunning lies and delusion. Except in an academic setting.

To the extent you're suggesting that political strength is required to prevail in today's social battles, I agree. But I don't agree that "truthful argument" in itself guarantees victory in an academic setting. Far from it. Witness the ongoing battle over ID/creationism. ID supporters and creationists advance their cause with lies, obfuscation, flawed arguments, and perpetual goalpost moving. Finding the truth is not their goal, and no amount of evidence will convince them of the truth of evolutionary theory. Anything that conflicts with their ID/creationist worldview cannot be the truth. I'm afraid that here, as well, political power is needed to carry the day. And political power seems to be in dangerously short supply these days when it comes to the values of reason, enlightenment, and intellect.

Take heart. Even here in Rhea County, home of the Scopes trial, progress can be made. Repeating the truth in various ways in a friendly but sincere manner eventually produces positive results.

Some will never change, of course, but most will listen to reason and many are pleased to have a champion for knowledge and common sense to counteract the idiocy of the few, who eventually become marginalized when the irrational things that they say are made obvious.

So keep plugging along. B