Hovind Arrested for Tax Evasion

From the Pensacola newspaper:

A Pensacola evangelist was arrested Thursday and indicted in federal court on 58 charges that include income tax evasion, making threats against investigators and filing false complaints against Internal Revenue Service agents.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Miles Davis handed down the indictment against Kent Hovind, who operated a creationist theme park Dinosaur Adventure Land, off Old Palafox Road.

Hovind is one of those ridiculous people who claims that he doesn't have to pay taxes. He has two grounds for that. First, he claims to be a resident of the "Republic of Florida", not the United States, and that the Federal income tax is illegal. Second, he claims that because he is an evangelist he has no income because all that he earns belongs to God. Good luck with that claim in court, pal.

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More details on Hovind's arrest are found in today's Pensacola News Journal. I especially love this part: Of the 58 charges, 44 were filed against Kent Hovind and his wife, Jo, for evading bank reporting requirements as they withdrew $430,500 from AmSouth Bank between July 20, 2001, and Aug. 9,…
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Yeah, I think that second part is going to be pretty easy to prove one way or another. Just look at the name that the assets are in - if its "Kent Hovind" and not "YHVH", then you pretty much have the answer right there. (And even if it was YHVH, I'd bet the IRS would repossess it all for the back taxes anyway).

I also wonder who the leadership of this so-called "Republic of Florida" is - is this like those separatists in Texas who have the "Republic of Texas" or is he just referring to the State of Florida? Either way, I doubt he'd get much sympathy even in state court, let alone Federal court for these kinds of shennanigans.

Maybe the court could call in God to the witness stand to answer that claim? If Hovind says all that money belongs to God, he must have talked to his employer at some point which told him this.

I wonder if God knows that Hovind is spending His money?

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