Agape Press Wrong on Jerusalem Pride Event

Agape Press got pretty much everything wrong in this report on the upcoming gay pride event in Jerusalem. Here's the full text:

Homosexual activists are making some demands of Israel's highest court in efforts to promote their deadly lifestyle in the Holy City. At a recent summer festival in Jerusalem, homosexuals were denied the right to have a parade in the streets, but they have been besieging the government ever since with their demands. Jewish Orthodox Rabbi Yehuda Levin says the homosexual activists "want to make Jerusalem the 'gay tourism capital of the world'" and have now gone before the Israeli Supreme Court, "demanding that they have the right to hold a march in the Holy City of Jerusalem on the very eve, on the very advent of the high holy days." If granted permission to hold their parade, the event could take place as early as next week. The homosexual activists were denied the opportunity to stage their parade during their recent summer festival in Jerusalem, after Chief of Police Elan Franco received some 500 communications and telephone calls from American Christians, urging that the "gay pride" event be prohibited. Levin says Franco was "really surprised" by the inundation of Christian protests. The Orthodox rabbi is asking U.S. Christians to spend a dollar and about one minute to call Franco and ask him to deny permission for the homosexual parade once again.

First of all, they're a day behind the news. Yesterday, the Jerusalem police and the organizers reached an agreement for the march to take place November 10th. Second, the original march in August was not cancelled because American Christians called the chief of police; it was cancelled because of the outbreak of hostilities with Lebanon, which prevented the police from being able to provide adequate protection for the march from crazed nutballs like Rabbi Yehuda Levin.


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Agape Press got pretty much everything wrong...

You can't imagine how shocked i am to hear that.

By somnilista, FCD (not verified) on 19 Sep 2006 #permalink

Seriously: they are like worldnutdaily, but in cleaner suits.

They probably would have held the march in early August, but the then-raging Israel-Lebanese war kind of put a kabosh on everything in the region.