Technical Difficulties

All of the posts prior to this one for today were written and scheduled to post last night. When I woke up this morning, my computer was dead - I mean dead, no power at all. So either I've got a bad power supply or a bad motherboard. I may have it fixed tonight, or it may take a day or two. In the meantime, I've hooked up a very old (Celeron 600 with 128 meg of ram and a 10 gig hard drive) computer to this connection so I can at least do the bare minimum. So bear with me while I get back up and running.

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I hate when that happens. Hope everything gets back on track soon for you.

Same thing happened to me last week with the laptop. No light showing the battery charging, no sound when pushing the power button. Dead as a rock.

I took it apart, unplugged the HD, intending to take it to the desktop, hook it in to a drive cable and load it to copy its contents, but was dismayed to discover the pins and sizes didn't line up.

I put it back in the laptop, quite upset. I had lots of work that I hadn't backed up in a few weeks.

I took apart some more of the laptop, pulled the fan drive out, examined the circuit board for obvious burns, but saw nothing.

I put the laptop back together...and it came right on. I have no idea what in the hell happened. Hope you're as lucky.

Hope your Windowns licensing fees are up to date.

Well, I just changed out the power supply and it's still dead, so it's the motherboard. I'm gonna go ahead and upgrade the whole system then and order a new motherboard and CPU. In the meantime, I'll use this old clunker.

As both a longtime reader and Dell technician, I'm sending an apology if that system happens to be one of ours.


Nope, I build my own computers. This is the first time I've ever had a motherboard just die like this. I typically build a new one about every 3 years and that one was 2 years old or so. The good news is that for a couple hundred bucks, I can buy a new motherboard and processor and move all the peripherals over.