The Rose Colored Glasses of Insanity

Katherine Harris continues to be the gift that keeps on giving for those of us who enjoy watching politicians make fools of themselves in public (and who doesn't?). Just check out this report from her own website, which reports that she now leads incumbent Sen. Ben Nelson despite all the public opinion polls showing that she's going to lose badly. The basis for that claim? She won a straw poll at Politics in the Park in Lakeland and has declared herself ahead:

Harris Beats Nelson -- Leads 54% to 45%

Congresswoman Katherine Harris, the Republican candidate for the United States Senate, soundly defeated Bill Nelson this evening by a 54% to 45% margin in the straw poll conducted at the Lakeland Bi-Annual Politics in the Park. The Harris campaign continues to build momentum, engendering tremendous grassroots support throughout the state with a pro-growth, pro-family message that resonates across the political spectrum.

Congresswoman Harris commented, "I appreciate the strong support of a majority of voters who are disillusioned with Bill Nelson's lack of leadership and his record of voting against Florida's best interests. I will fight for Florida in the United States Senate."

Now here's what makes this really, really funny: a picture from the Lakeland Ledger article on the event:


And the caption under that picture:

U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris, a candidate for U.S. Senate, helps Rachel Seifert, 6, fill out a straw poll ballot Thursday at Politics in the Park in Lakeland.

Gee Katherine, you're right. If you could just sit there and help people fill out the ballots - and find enough 6 year olds who don't shriek when you approach them - you might just win this race. But the fact that you think, based upon this, that you're now leading the race...well that's just loony. Every single poll shows you way behind Nelson. Now I know you have to put on a brave face (in your case, plastered with makeup) and pretend you're doing fine, but you could at least pick a straw poll that doesn't include freaking children in the totals.

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"but you could at least pick a straw poll that doesn't include freaking children in the totals."

Ed, in the world of Katherine Harris, this just shows how biased and anti-family you are.

By MJ Memphis (not verified) on 11 Oct 2006 #permalink

Now that's funny!

Me thinks Katherine Harris believes the real world exists only in the fantasy parks of central Florida, where the sun always shines, there is no trash, the people are all white and middle class, and no one ever dies. She is delusional.

Wow. She beats a Senator from ANOTHER STATE in a straw poll. That's...rather pathetic.

Now if the straw poll was about the election in her area, OR the election in Nebraska (where Nelson is running), then it might be valid.

I wonder...will the next straw poll indicate people prefer apples over oranges?

By Cat Skyfire (not verified) on 11 Oct 2006 #permalink

Oh my. You've been linked to by Fark (abeit from their politics page).

Prepare for alot of hits.

By Miguelito (not verified) on 11 Oct 2006 #permalink

To be clear, BEN Nelson is the Democratic senator from Nebraska, whereas BILL Nelson is the Democratic senator from Florida. Both are up for re-election this year. Ed, you may want to fix that in your first paragraph.