Weekly Katherine Harris Update

I don't know why I find this woman so fascinating. She's a living train wreck and I just can't stop watching. In her latest crazy move, she's once again claiming the support of prominent politicians that don't support her. Last week, Jeb Bush did a "unity tour" with Republican office seekers in Florida and Harris was not invited. Responding to that embarrassment, she announced:

But the Longboat Key Republican, who in some polls trails Nelson by more than 25 points, said Friday she wasn't concerned because a similar trip helping her candidacy was in the works.

"We have our own Unity Tour," Harris said. "We will be traveling with the governor."

To which the Bush folks responed, "Huh? What?"

U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris said Friday that Gov. Jeb Bush will campaign with her in the next two months, but the state GOP said no such commitment exists...

But Friday, it was unclear what Harris was talking about. The Governor's Office referred questions about Harris to the state party. And party spokesman Jeff Sadosky said the governor had not agreed to stump with Harris...

If Bush did join Harris, it would be a dramatic turnabout. The governor has criticized her campaign and said he did not think she could beat Nelson...

Republican political consultant Todd Harris -- no relation to the candidate -- said he doesn't expect Bush to go beyond some helpful words. The Harris-Nelson race is too lopsided, he said, and resources are better spent on more competitive races.

"I'd be very surprised if any senior official from the party did much to help her," said Todd Harris, who worked on Bush's 2002 re-election campaign.

Bear in mind, Harris is only a few weeks removed from having put a list of people in Congress who endorse her candidacy on her campaign website, only to have those people publicly say that they did not endorse her. I swear, this is like watching someone on acid run for office. Harris and reality don't seem to be well acquainted.


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Useful rule of thumb for Florida Republicans: if Jeb Bush won't pimp for you, you must be a real whackjob.

The scary part of this is that this whackjob was elected and reelected to Congress. What does that say about the district which she represented?

But you have to remember she has the bestest endorsment of all...God. Remember, it was her who recently said that only Christians had the morality to be elected leaders and that God ultimately chooses our leaders. Since she's running, she must think God wants her to be a senator. Hmmm...why does that sound so familiar?

By King Spirula (not verified) on 14 Sep 2006 #permalink

I'm not a fan of Harris, but it wasn't until her senate run began that I realized she was a nut-case. Conniving? Yes. Nut-case? No.

Is Harris spiraling into lunacy... or did we just miss it?

Oh, she is so much fun to watch. I often listen to The Majority Report on Air America, just for there Katherine Harris "updates." It is nearly as much fun as observing the drawn out meltdown of Bill O'really.

She has struck me as a demented Stepford candidate from the first time I saw her back in 2000. Nothing she's done has changed my mind.

I would like to say:

Thank you, Green Party.

Without you, none of this would be happening.

Apparrently Nelson is in no danger of lossing to Harris, but candidates like her are scary for an entirely different reason: they make it so horribly clear there are a LOT of people willing to support them. Harris won her primary easily. In a Minnesota Republican primary for a congressional seat, a convicted felon wanted on an arson charge -- who lives in Italy! -- garnered one-third of the vote.


Yeah, I don't know a better way of electing people, but the foolishness of my fellow citizens does keep me awake some nights.

I swear, this is like watching someone on acid run for office. Harris and reality don't seem to be well acquainted.

Seems more like someone on 'ludes or horse tranqs!

I find Jeb's retreat from Harris fascinating because I remember that, during the Chad Crisis there were persistent printed rumors that her position might have been acquired because of a non-political relationship with the Governor.