Cato Gains One, Loses One

While Jason Kuznicki has just started his new job with the Cato Institute, Radley Balko has just announced that he is leaving Cato and joining Reason magazine as a senior editor. An exciting opportunity for him, as he says, to be more of a journalist and less of a policy wonk. So while Cato is gaining one brilliant writer, they're losing another. I guess that evens out. But congratulations to both Jason and Radley for their new challenges. Cato and Reason are lucky to have you, and so are the rest of us.

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And congratulations on your birthday, ya big lug.

Glad to hear about Balko is joining Reason. I am a subscriber and that magazine really needs some help with its editing. The feature articles are often poorly written and way too wordy.

It's definitely odd to hear of anyone from the Cato Institute as joining any kind of Reason-based anything.

[/snark, but only half-ways]

Thank you hon. Andrea knew because that's Andi, my old friend. I hardly recognize her by that name either LOL.

I didn't even think about that - oops! Everything fades after what ... 13 years?

By Andrea/Andi (not verified) on 18 Oct 2006 #permalink