Glib's Ridiculous Rhetoric

When I'm looking for a tightly-reasoned, logical, well thought out position, I always turn to Glib Fortuna. Okay, just kidding. But if you're looking for an opinion full of ridiculous, hyperbolic rhetoric, take a gander at this post from our ol' pal Glib. He's discussing who will take over as committee chairmen if the Democrats win control of the House in November. And I especially like this part:

We now have a nice roundup from Susan Jones of bills actually introduced by some of the very same Stalinists who would befoul leadership positions at the dawn of the New Year

Stalinists. Well Glib, I'm glad you're being calm and rational about this. Bear in mind, this is the same who defends an administration that seriously argues that it has the authority to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely without ever filing charges against them or allowing them any contact. When other countries do that, we call it "disappearing" a prisoner and condemn it as a human rights violation. It's also blatantly unconstitutional, as even Justice Scalia bluntly told the White House in the Hamdi case. Stalinists, indeed.

I especially love the fact that the list of Democratic bills he lists as evidence of these "Stalinists" includes proposals by someone who just got voted out of office (Glib, please tell us how Cynthia McKinney is going to do anything after the New Year when she lost in the primaries) and several bills that should bother no one at all. Here are a few of them:

Justice for the Unprotected against Sexually Transmitted Infections among the Confined and Exposed Act (JUSTICE) Act (Lee, D-CA)-H.R. 6083. Requires community organizations to be allowed to distribute sexual barrier protection devices (e.g. condoms) in federal prisons. Also prohibits a federal prison from taking adverse action against a prisoner who possesses or uses a sexual barrier protection device.

Oh my God! Trying to prevent sexually transmitted diseases among prisoners, diseases they could spread to others when they get out? That's exactly what Stalin would do!

Antibullying Campaign Act (Nadler, D-NY)-H.R. 3787. Creates a new federal grant program aimed at reducing bullying in public schools "based on any distinguishing characteristic of an individual."

Trying to prevent kids from being bullied? You commie bastard. Every red-blooded, right-thinking, God-fearing Americantm knows that weak kids, sissies and nancy boys are supposed to be bullied. If God didn't like bullies, he wouldn't make them big, dumb and ugly.

To provide for coverage under the Medicare and Medicaid Programs of incontinence undergarments (Frank, D-MA)-H.R. 1052. Makes adult diapers a covered item under Medicare and Medicaid.

For crying out loud, the Republican majority passed a massive, trillion dollar Medicare prescription drug plan, but adding one particular item to the list makes them Stalinists? I'll take havine one's priorities skewed for $1000, Alex.

States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act (Frank, D-MA)-H.R. 2087. Allows physicians in states with medical marijuana laws to prescribe marijuana without violating federal law.

Obviously, Barney Frank has combined a magic 8-ball with a "What Would Stalin Do?" bracelet. He shook it and it said, "Stalin would want cancer patients to have medical marijuana to help with the nausea and loss of appetite from chemotherapy." Want to know what's really amusing about this? It's an attempt to overturn the Raich ruling. You know, one of those cases where "unelected judges" overturned the "will of the people." Glib's all for that. Except when he's not. And there'll be no pot smoking commie bastards on chemo as long as he's got something to say about it.

STACLU truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Ah yes. I remember well the disastrous five-year plan of 1928, in which Stalin allowed prison doctors to prescribe marijuana as a contraceptive to prevent bullying against incontinent prisoners. The consequences were horrible.

I don't know how you have the patience to read tripe like that. I suppose someone's got to debunk it.

I also really liked the comparison between MCA, Bush, and Stalin. Hadn't thought of that before.

Reed, I hope you're not expecting any medicinal marijuana to help with that!

It's funny until you remember that morons like him are in charge of all three branches of our government right now...

Then it's rather sad...

By dogmeatIB (not verified) on 20 Oct 2006 #permalink

Marijuana has recently proven helpful to stave off Alzheimer's. Now if it were just proven to stave off dementia of other kinds, mostly paranoid religiosity, maybe it should be forceably presecribed for all writers and readers of WND.

We now have a nice roundup from Susan Jones of bills actually introduced by some of the very same Stalinists who would befoul leadership positions at the dawn of the New Year

Since Bush wants to draw parallels to the mid-20th century, you might ask: which of the world leaders of that time instituted a string of secret prisons and advocated torture?

By Mustafa Mond, FCD (not verified) on 21 Oct 2006 #permalink

This Stalin guy is starting to sound like a real catch, which ticket is he running on again?

Glib Fortuna, eh? Any relation to ol' Bib, by any chance?

By konrad_arflane (not verified) on 22 Oct 2006 #permalink