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Fellow ScienceBlogger Shelley Batts is a finalist for a $5000 scholarship for blogging college students and she needs our help to win. So everyone who reads this click here and vote for her. She currently has 273 votes and there are about 7000 people who read this blog every day, so let's push that vote total up over 5000 by the end of the day. And if Diebold isn't in charge of the voting, she might just win.

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Fellow ScienceBlogger Shelley Batts is a finalist for a student blogging scholarship. Not only is she a fine blogger, but she shares with me a connection with the University of Michigan, where she is now working on her Ph.D. and where I got both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. So, with that…
Well, not exactly. She's already been to college and is now a PhD candidate in neurosciences at the University of Michigan. More to the point, ScienceBlogs own Shelley Batts (maitresse of Retrospectacle) is one of the finalists for a $5000 Blogger scholarship and all she needs to win is for you all…
Once again it's the 2007 Blogging Scholarship contest. It's been just short of a year since we offered everyone reading the opportunity to Send a Blogger to College. Now you get another chance. Of course the blogger in question, the now well-known Shelley Batts, maestra of Retrospectacle and my…
Fellow ScienceBlogger Shelly Batts of Retrospectacle was chosen this last week as a finalist for a blogging scholarship being offered by Scholarships Around the US. She's a hell of a blogger, and I think she deserves our support. If you agree, you have until midnight (Eastern Time) TONIGHT to…

Who's this Stephen Yellin guy?

How do we know that she is the most deserving candidate? In fact, how do you know that?

When there is a clear reason to desire that a particular candidate wins in some contest such as this, i.e. they opose software patents, then I participate.

But in this instance I don't think the fact that Shelley is a ScienceBlogger means that she deserves my vote, or yours, more than anyone else.

Good looking people have an advantage in life. Good looking, intelligent people have an unreasonable advantage, but what the heck, I'll promote the culture of celebrity. Maybe she'll wind up on the cover of People magazine.

Still got a long way to go to beat that Yellin kid, but I couldn't find his picture anywhere.

By double-soup tuesday (not verified) on 01 Nov 2006 #permalink

Felix--lighten up.

By David C. Brayton (not verified) on 01 Nov 2006 #permalink

Shelley is on of the three finalists who blogs about science and does it well (the other two are Jennifer Wong and the Yellin is a DailyKos diarist. Paul Stamatiou (a tech blogger) is a Top 100 Most Popular on Technorati. There is a religion blogger, a couple of techies and a couple of personal journals.

Even among Seed's sciencebloggers, people are divided between Shelley and Jenna (both are deserving, but individual preferences and tastes differ). Take a look and make your own pick, but only the three science bloggers do anything akin to academic blogging, which this was supposed to be about.

Well, if Ms. Batts is the most deserving of the candidates for that scholarship, my vote was well cast. If one of the other candidates is more deserving, I consider it an act of charity (tuition isn't getting cheaper last I checked). If this was meant to be a carefully-judged contest based on academic merit, it would not be a public internet poll. So everybody just cool out.


And by "everybody" I mean Felix.

I understand people telling me to lighten up, my comment was pretty pointed ... but that is what I thought when I read the post.

If Ed had given us just a few words on _why_ we should vote for Shelley then I would have probably done so.

I encourage everyone to vote for Felix in the "Wet Blanket of the Blog" election.