UN Declaration of Human Rights in audiobook form

[NB: This is a companion to today's post on the Tripoli 6]

Yesterday (October 24) was United Nations Day. Thanks to BoingBoing we were alerted that Librivox, an organization devoted to making available US Public Domain recordings, has an audiobook of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 21 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Afrikaans, English and Esperanto.

It is almost 60 years since the UN General Assembly ratified the Declaration in the wake of Nazi atrocities before and during WWII. It was meant to clarify the UN charter on matters of human rights and to emphasize their importance. It was ratified on December 10, 1948 by a vote of 48 to 0, with eight abstentions (the Soviet Bloc, South Africa and Saudi Arabia). (Wikipedia)

The thirty articles of the Declaration represent objectives to be aspired to by member states. It is not a legal binding treaty but a statement of principles stating the obligations of members of the international community. Among the thirty articles are these:

  • The right to life, liberty and security of person.
  • The right to an education.
  • The right to employment, paid holidays, protection against unemployment, and social security.
  • The right to participate fully in cultural life.
  • Freedom from torture or cruel, inhumane treatment or punishment.
  • Freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
  • Freedom of expression and opinion.

Here'sthe audiobook link again to hear the Declaration read in your chosen language.

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