Send a blogger to college

Well, not exactly. She's already been to college and is now a PhD candidate in neurosciences at the University of Michigan. More to the point, ScienceBlogs own Shelley Batts (maitresse of Retrospectacle) is one of the finalists for a $5000 Blogger scholarship and all she needs to win is for you all to vote for her.

Check out her blog Retrospectacle (if you don't already know it) to see some of the many reasons you should vote for her. And then go here [Update, 9/5/07: this site has moved to here] to vote for the most deserving (aka, Shelley Batts).

Do it now. It will get you in practice for Tuesday.


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Yeuoop! Shelleba got my list tagged up last night. It seems she is pulling ahead. A neuronerd is always thinking and she asked for and got my 200 plus emal list plus my endorsement. A troll would have just hijacked it but no, permission asked for and gotten.

Go vote for her. It takes about a millisecond and think of the money you are saving her parents.

By M. Randolph Kruger (not verified) on 03 Nov 2006 #permalink

Can I vote early and often?

Current totals:
Who Should Win The Blogging Scholarship?

* Pranam Kolari
191 3% of all votes
* Ben Kimball
250 4% of all votes
* Kambiz Kamrani
342 5% of all votes
* Matthew Himler
138 2% of all votes
* Shelly Batts
1046 16% of all votes
* Matthew Mireles
32 0% of all votes
* Lisa Marie
241 4% of all votes
* Paul Stamatiou
1150 18% of all votes
* Jennifer Wong
181 3% of all votes
* Stephen Yellin
2988 46% of all votes