The Gospel of Environmental Protection

Faith-based environmental protection. Why not? The Bush administration isn't using the law or regulations:

Ignoring all legal and technical evidence -- and the advice of his career experts -- [EPA Administrator Steven] Johnson sided with the car industry and rejected the request of California to enforce the state's landmark greenhouse gas standards for motor vehicles. (No fewer than 19 other states have already adopted these standards or are considering them, representing about half the U.S. population.) In fact, Johnson took action that his own legal team said was probably illegal.


In the process, Johnson lied through his teeth to the media. Among other lies, Johnson claimed approving California's request would create a "confusing patchwork of state rules" (No, this is just auto industry propaganda. There would only be one standard that other states could adopt. So many had either done so or contemplating adoption, that it could have become a de facto national standard.). Johnson claimed that the standard would save less gasoline than the new fuel economy standards in the energy bill. (Another lie. The car companies opposed the California standards because they would require them to do more.) And the EPA chief gushed over his "world-class professional staff" at the same time that he froze them out of the decision-making process. ( via alternet)

Lying apparently is not a sin. Because Johnson wouldn't sin. He's too busy making promos for Evangelicals like the Christian Embassy, where he assures his potential marks, "I can't imagine doing this [job] without the Lord." And although he was "too busy" to meet with Senator Boxer of California he has time each morning to "have a Bible study" with others in his office. Priorities.

Johnson is actually a serial liar. He does it routinely when he announces yet another cave-in to some polluting industry -- all in the name of environmental protection of course. Recently there were the air particulate rules and soon there will be ozone standards, which the polluters are urging him not to change, despite good evidence that they need to be lower.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Campaign Contributions. Another Bush administration Gift to the World. A religious hypocrite in charge of environmental protection.

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religious hypocrite = (oxy) moron

By gilmoreaz (not verified) on 08 Jan 2008 #permalink

He's not a hypocrite, he's doing his part to help along The End Times. He thinks he's a "floater".

Well, actually he IS a floater, just not that kind.

Taking the religion out of the fray brings to light that California eco-nuts are once again trying to legislate themselves to clean air thats simply not possible. California also has boutique gasolines to clean up the air that put strains on the refineries to make. The end result is that they have cleaner burning cars but because the environmentalists wont let them upgrade their refineries they end up with dirtier air.

Our problem doesnt lie in the US, it lies in SE Asia where there are no clean air standards. I again reiterate that anyone who doubts it to hit me at and I will send along the nice little NASA satellite picture of where all of the GHG's are coming from.

The patchwork of regulations does not apply under state laws. This is a Federal Clean Air Act policy matter and each time its gone to the US District Court (I exclude the 9th District as they are members of the Democrat Caucus) and Supreme Court they have lost. They will again.

Religion has nothing to do with clean air. This is a political position and there were eight years of equally stupid stuff from the Clinton White House in regards to this.

Bottom line... expect nothing to change.

By M. Randolph Kruger (not verified) on 08 Jan 2008 #permalink

California has exemptions in the Clean Air Act because they have uniquely unfavorable meterology. GHGs are generated at many places. We need to stop generating them. Not just in Californai and the rest of the US but including California and the rest of the US. If Indonesia acts badly on bird flu does that mean we should act badly too? If SE ASia doesn't shoulder their part of the job, does that mean we shouldn't either? Time to do the Right Thing. I had a lot of problems with the Clinton EPA, but on clean air they were mostly right, unlike the Bush administration which has been mostly wrong. Of course I am biased. I am biased in favor of public health.

Let it never be said you dont care about public health Revere. Its just that we never ever change anything for the better. Its okay to regulate the shit out of us, but not the rest of the world. C'mon we all have seen that sat pic and there is no question where most of CA's emissions come from and it isnt CA. We are a very light shade of green to blue and they are red to dark red to black in China/India/SE Asia.

And talk about the public health. Thats friggin' Co. You probably could adjust to high Co2 levels. But you aint going to get past Co as I understand it bonds with hemoglobin much more readily than oxygen.

If Indonesia acts badly then its political. The majority of the people want something done... So do we and I said it before if we all had to comply with new standards tommorow and it was enforced then I am for it. But it aint gonna happen and that puts us into that America's wrong gig again. We still have to live, we still have to eat and put our kids thru school. All of these regulations might increase the standard of living initially but in the long run as the cost basis shifts to lower someplace else, the economic decision is made to bail out. In Bethlehem Steel's bankruptcy declaration this was one of the key elements that they stated was the reason they went out. They couldnt compete with offshore steel mills that had little or no regulation.

Of course I am biased, I think that its America first along with ITS people rather than some third world nation that tries to blackmail the rest of us.

By M. Randolph Kruger (not verified) on 08 Jan 2008 #permalink

"Its just that we never ever change anything for the better."

Really? When was the last time one of your rivers caught fire?

By Luna_the_cat (not verified) on 09 Jan 2008 #permalink

Praise the Lord and Pass the Campaign Contributions. Another Bush administration Gift to the World. A religious hypocrite in charge of environmental protection.

Well, just so you get to feel a sincere, Praise the Lord, just think, it won't be long before there are no Bush administration people!
Dave Briggs :~)

Luna-You are right. We closed up our businesses and sent them to India where the rivers catch fire there now. China suffers the worst air on this planet and your point while taken just NIMBY'd it to someplace else. As I said, if everyone complied with the SAME regulations all at the SAME time then I would be happy...So would Revere in my estimation.

If we are to believe the enviro-nuts we are already at tipping point. If someone doesnt have to comply for forty years then I am sorry Luna but the argument carries no water for me. We will still tip over, we will still die.

Indeed, when DID a river catch fire lately? More like the Great Lakes where the water pollution seems to have leveled off a bit.

Hey Dave, dont bet on it. Hillary is going to be crying all the way to November to get votes. She will be a blubbering pile of goo on election day.

By M. Randolph Kruger (not verified) on 10 Jan 2008 #permalink