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Gawd, you a such a frickin' Hitler Nazi!

(Just thought I'd get that out of the way...)

By Anonymous (not verified) on 21 Feb 2008 #permalink

Thread aborted before it even had a chance to begin. Thanks a bunch, Anon.


I just happened to look at the catchy advertising surrounding your blog. Normally I ignore it, but it seemd like the sort of thing which you might have approved, being in a "green" cause..."" which in the small print turned out to be "Faiths United for Sustainable Energy".

After reading their blurb, might I suggest that you might be more comfortable if you consider/investigate the possibility of creating your own website? The technical problems are quite minor, the cost is trifling (your current broadband service with a fixed IP would probably be sufficient, plus a spare PC.)

You would probably use a linux server, I would suggest UBUNTU, which is a quite intuitive system, available free from Ubuntu is also a very good replacement for windows as a browser/editor/wordprocessor platform. However not if you want to play the latest computer games (which unfortunately I do, but that's another story..).

btw, if you want assist, don't hesitate... The actuality of running your own domain/server is quite empowering, you might even make money from Google on pre-approved ads.

Bar: I pay no attention to the ads, except that on one occasion I objected to one I knew was coming and they kept it off my site. I had my own site for over a year and a half and have found it easier to work with Sb. They take care of all hosting, technical issues, new versions, etc., plus it has become the major science blogger venue on the net. It isn't easy to get into the stable of bloggers here and we have quite a vigorous back channel communications which makes for an interesting, lively and nice community. I appreciate the suggestion and offer of help. In general we are always on the verge of hanging it up (our non blog lives are very full and complicated) so we aren't looking to make things even a tiny bit more complicated. We've been at this for over three years, which is pretty long in blog time and we are getting very tired.

In general we are always on the verge of hanging it up (our non blog lives are very full and complicated) so we aren't looking to make things even a tiny bit more complicated.

Dare I use what I was just admonished against?

I agree! LOL!