"Scientists for a better PCR" (hat tip Scienceblogs.de)

Scienceblogs has a German cousin, Scienceblogs.de where I found this absolutely hilarious YouTube music video, "Scientists for a better PCR." Yes, it's an advert for a PCR device called a thermocycler but it's incredibly funny -- if you have that kind of sense of humor.

PCR is a technique called polymerase chain reaction. It can take pre-specified tiny bits of DNA or RNA and grow them up into huge amounts. That's how they can do forensic DNA identification from the small amounts in spit or semen stains. They pre-specify parts of DNA that are unique to an individual and amplify it up by PCR. Influenza can also be diagnosed this way. Detectable amounts of DNA copies of viral RNA -- if it's there -- are amplified by PCR. On the other site I explained the PCR process in (what I hope) is understandable terms. You can find that post here. But for now just enjoy this truly hysterical pop tribute to one of molecular biology's most important techniques:

Source: Scienceblogs.de

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These people have too much time on their hands.... Come, let me get you an Obama or Hillary poster. This way your non-profit status will not be jeopardized.

Whats that? You are German? Tsk, Tsk... Dont worry, you can vote in our elections here. Everyone else does.

By M. Randolph Kruger (not verified) on 03 Mar 2008 #permalink

I hope Dr. Kary Mullis, originator of PCR, got a chance to see this! If you've ever read his book, "Dancing Naked in the Mind Field," you would understand. [Favorite chapter: "I Am Capricorn"]

Thank you, that made my day. Former lab tech, all of it with PCR, this is the best thing I've seen

Please step out side your lab. . . Look closely. . . There is a real life out there and this video should never have seen the light of day.