Attorney General Mukasey intent on sending his reputation down the toilet

The Global War on Terror is claiming yet another victim: the reputation of Attorney General Michael Mukasey as a principled guardian of the Rule of Law. Even before joining the Bush administration Mukasey was forgetting the meaning of the word "torture," and since being confirmed is equally benighted regarding privacy. Now he is peddling shoddy goods linking terrorism and software piracy. Does this former judge have no shame? Via Preston Gralla at Computer World Blogs:

In a talk last week before at the Tech Museum of Innovation, Mukasey used his best fearmongering tactics to link software piracy to terrorists. In his speech, which you can read in its entirety here, he told the group:

Criminal syndicates, and in some cases even terrorist groups, view IP crime as a lucrative business, and see it as a low-risk way to fund other activities.

Mukasey went on to cite numerous cases in which the Justice Department has arrested those who pirate software, and in which the department has cooperated with other countries in investigations. He mentioned arrests in Florida, investigations in China, and warned about the Russian mob being involved in selling pirated software.

In not a single instance did Mukasey include a link to terrorism. Not one. You can be sure that if there were any links, Mukasey would make sure to get them on the nightly news.

So why is Mukasey trying to convince people there's a link between software piracy and terrorism, even though one doesn't exist? To force Congress to pass controversial intellectual property (IP) legislation that would increase IP penalties, increase police power, set up a new agency to investigate IP theft, and more. (Preston Gralla, Computer World, hat tip Slashdot)

Mukasey might be reading from George Bush's version of Moby Dick (and we all know who the Dick is), but the backstory is pure Mickey Mouse. Follow this Mickey Mouse link to see what I mean.

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Mukasey will only have true happiness and bliss when the Congress passes the Homegrown Terrorism Act:
Please read:

" That legislative proposal named the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act of 2007, otherwise known as S.B. 1959, is the companion bill to a previous House version (H.B. 1955), sponsored by Rep. Jane Harman (D-Ca.). S.B. 1959 is now under consideration in the Senate Homeland Security Committee, chaired by Senator Joe Lieberman. This bill is of importance as it deals with the further erosion of our civil liberties during a Presidential election cycle. Ironically, a presidential contender is on the committee; namely Senator Barack Obama. Senator Clinton is not on the committee, though her office has been contacted regarding this potential law, as was Senator McCain. S. B. 1959 would permit the allocation of precious resources for the express purpose of investigating cases of suspected 'violent radicals' or 'homegrown terrorists.'

Using deliberately vague definitions of 'violence,' 'violent radicalization,' and 'homegrown terrorism', this bill provides for the establishment of a McCarthy-esque Committee which would travel the country, holding hearings and conducting investigations for the express purpose of identifying 'radicals,' and designating and registering them as 'homegrown terrorists.' Once so designated; all the provisions of Patriot I & II, Military Commissions, etc., (including our government's alleged right to torture 'enemy combatants),' could in theory kick into gear. Those unable to establish their 'patriotic credentials,' to THE COMMITTEE, would find their lives destroyed , (much like McCarthy's victims some 50 years ago), all in a stupid, myopic attempt to protect US from THEM. The real agenda is obvious--to silence dissent by interrogating the public and criminalizing those with 'inquiring minds' and effective public rhetoric."
This law will criminalize peaceful protest, and includes thought crimes. All they have to prove is that you were thinking thoughts that are not acceptable to the authorities. This can be determined by your possible membership in a left wing organization, or perhaps by your protest against unjust laws or actions of your government.
Goodbye democracy, and hello fascism.

Mukasey does not care about his reputation among the public. So long as our leaders smile, he is doing a heck of a job. The target audience is for the 70% or are too busy or unable to see through the deception. Since the media works for Big Brother, they can get away with a lot.

What is it, like 6 companies that control over 80% of the news. Since the Fairness Doctrine was repealed by Reagan, MSM has just become a government propaganda machine, a huge psyops program. The country has gone fascist.

Ron Paul said as much in his questioning of Bernanke the other day. He did not use the "F" word, but he basically asked Ben if he thought maybe fascism was part of the reason for the repeated economic crisis we have been having, where government and corporations march hand in hand allowing business to loot the wealth of the middle class while government removes their liberties and ability to influence government to get them to control the fraudsters. Glad I don't have kids, it is not going to be a pleasant future for those who have most of their lives ahead of them.

pft - Except for the first clause of your last sentance, I disagree with your entire post.

By pauls lane (not verified) on 05 Apr 2008 #permalink

Half right.

Asian piracy DOES have ties to terrorism, but it's so loose and random it's barely worth mentioning. Terrorist groups buy weapons occasionally through Asian triads, who use bootleg merchandise to launder the money from weapons, prostitution, drugs, and other much more serious crimes (and turn a profit at the same time)

Mukasey is a despicable right-wing traitorious bastard, who will do or say anything in service of his vicious America-hating masters. There is not a single person--no matter how earnest or admirable their original intentions--who has joined the Bush regime and not become infected with their vile sickness.

This is a blight on our nation that will surely take decades to recover from, if we ever do.…

Hey PhysioProf! Tell us how you really feel. What a F__king nut case you are. Where do some of these people come from? I read peoples comments like that and it makes me want to just go waterboarding.

I do have a real comment myself though:

These terrorists in Asia do have loose connections with the Traids and they finance all kinds of things. They are like loans sharks and keep connections with Warlords all over the place and with criminal gangs in various countries. Can you trace the terrorists groups criminal activities specifically? Probably not. They act more like financiers and only work on profits of the business enterprise. Also, remember most terrorist organizations are also loosly related and share information and trade things. So a Middle Eastern terrorist organization has no problem sharing information or trading weapons with a Far Eastern terrorist organization as they have similar interests, i.e. death, destruction, and the spread of terror.

As far as blaming things on the AG, don't worry about him, you should worry about that law that is mentioned above and other things they are passing that seem a little more benign right now. You are losing your rights a little more each day and you had better wake up. Case in point was the "John Warner National Defense Authorization Act"
This means the President can put federal troops on the streets any time he thinks there is an emergency, and it has been the law for a couple of years now.
All they have to do is create the emergency now, so I would start looking at what kind of emergency they want to create and what legislation are they passing to help in emergencies and what emergency powers they will need. Follow the money.

Wake up and take your government back. The two party system is a fraud to control us and make you think you have a voice in your government. The people have not had a voice in this government since they let lobbyists into the halls of Washington and lawyers into office.

By bigdudeisme (not verified) on 08 Apr 2008 #permalink