Go Fly a Kite

The kids spent last week at Grandma and Grandpa's, as school was closed for Passover/Easter (best wishes for each of those holidays to those who celebrate them), and Kate and I went down there for the weekend. During which trip we went up on top of the flood control dam in town, and flew a kite, as you can see in the "featured image" above, or the copy of it below:

SteelyKid, flying a kite. SteelyKid, flying a kite.

SteelyKid had a great time flying the kite, and played out so much string that you can barely make out the kite in the photo, even after a bit of image processing to enhance it.

And, for balance, here's her brother, careening all about. He took a turn with the kite as well, but it was too stationary an activity for our active Little Dude, so he mostly just ran around in circles.

The Pip, on the run as always. The Pip, on the run as always.

Day care is closed Monday and Tuesday, and Kate and I both have a ton of work, so really substantive blogging isn't likely before Wednesday. So, you know, shut off the computer, and go enjoy the arrival of spring. Unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere, I guess, in which case you should contemplate fall and the mortality of all things. Or something.

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IMHO making and flying kites, sometimes combined with fishing, or dropping flour bombs, is an almost perfect afternoon activity for bringing the family together. Dropping the lure, or flour bomb, can be handled with a second line or a simple RF circuit working a solenoid. After the lure is dropped a long way away you work it back across the lake trying to get a fish to bite. Bombing is done for points against a circular target.