What I'm capable of the day after

So here's the deal. Grandson #2 picked up some kind of norovirus-like thing at daycare and by late afternoon was seriously engaged in projectile vomiting. My daughter and I picked him and his little 'bro up (his dad was in class) and brought them to her house. Since I am getting ready for a scientific meeting across the country I didn't feature doing my own projectile vomiting high above Iowa. Yes, I know they have these airsickness bags, so it would be a convenient place. But these days they probably charge you $5 per bag. So I took care of Mr. Four Months Old and stayed away from Mr. Virus Factory, dropped them off with my hapless daughter juggling the two kids and the dog running around and headed home. Not much later the distressed phone call from daughter was answered by Mrs. R. (who also was feeling queasy). Son-in-law is hurrying home from class and they are bringing #2 grandson to the ER as he is spewing everywhere all the time. Can they drop off the dog and #3 grandson? Of course.

t's now 9 pm and the little one is at our house and their dog is scrapping with our dog. Daughter calls to say they will be at the ER for a while -- like at least until 2 am. Feed the baby and put him to bed. Oh, by the way, he'll be awake in 3 hours and will need to be fed again. Meanwhile Mrs. R. is out of action and the diapers, formula and clothes changing are up to me. Memo to file: I'm not very good at it. Same thing a 1:30 am. I awake to the sound of crying and figure out what's going on, make the formula, feed the baby and put him back in the crib. At 2:15 a.m. the parents show up and retrieve him. His older brother has been rehydrated and given a powerful anti-emetic. A few hours later I'm up again, getting ready for work.

So that's the reason for this blog. My brain is fried and I'm exhausted. It's also December 6, the birthday of one of my favorite comedians, Steven Wright:

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"I can levitate birds, but nobody cares." *snorfle*

way to sack up Grampa! good or not at it everyone involved was happy you were able and willing I have little doubt.

By DrugMonkey (not verified) on 06 Dec 2008 #permalink

I always said there isnt anything you wouldnt do for one of those kids Revere.

Picking up the biowarfare experiment in giving them care is the full testament.


By M. Randolph Kruger (not verified) on 06 Dec 2008 #permalink

At least you get to pack them off home and can get some rest this weekend... Poor mum and dad are stuck with them. I hope all who are well remain so and that the little one is better very soon.

You've had an interesting four / five days revere.

First the death of Odetta and This one has hit me hard.

Next, crazy busy writing a grant.
Then the grandchild getting ill along with Mrs. R not feeling up to par.
And then there's always this blog

Maybe things will calm down for you now.
Remember to take care of yourself too.